Army green flower blooms in the snowfield blue sky

  The picture shows the female soldier wearing "the first jumping" big saffron.Wang Yan East, it is reported that this umbrella land training, the air area is nearly 5,000 meters away, and the exemption of the female soldiers all use the second-stage open umbrella, and the training requirements of the participating female soldiers are more strict, the assessment standard is more strict, the female soldiers are in order toStrive to fly on the blue sky, carry out the devil’s intensive training.From the task received by the skydiving, the last real jumped land, and the training is more and more tired. The female soldiers are not afraid, but 上海品茶资源 everyone is most afraid of hearing "not letting the real jump", the female team leader Yan QingruIt has been said that more than three months, everyone has kept sore, overcoming the high fear, building 上海外滩419在哪里 confidence, holding the belief of the beliefs, and the trip to female soldiers are not only a subject, but also a common desire.