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Keep in mind that Ji Rui is ensured that the Poverty Campaign is ensured as scheduled to the 17th to 17th, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the President of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping hosted a symposium to solve the "two unfair three guarantee" Publish an important speech. In the past few days, the reporter felt that the arrival of the General Secretary, let Chongqing’s cadres and people struggled to swim; the general secretary warms the people’s words, let Chongqing’s cadres and masses have universal universal confidence. Everyone says that in mind the Yin Yin of the General Secretary, do a good job in the extraordinary work of poverty today, in order to fully win the poverty of poverty as scheduled, and fully built a new and better contribution of a well-off society. On April 18, the Chongqing Municipal Committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to expand the meeting and the city’s leading cadres and conveyed the study and implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping in Chongqing’s inspection of important speech. The meeting emphasized that the city should learn to implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping as the primary political task in the current and future period, profoundly understand the core elements and spiritual essence of the important speech of General Secretary … "People’s Daily" (2019 04 On the 20th of the 20th, the new landscape is east of the West of Luhai New Trip? From Chongqing to the Yangtze River waterway to Shanghai, more than 1,700 kilometers, doing foreign trade business opportunities. Logistics is not smooth, how 爱上海1314品茶微信号 to expand open? southward! Borrowing Hong Kong, looking for new channels, an international land sea trade new channel came into being.

At 10:20 am on April 10, the Chongqing Unity Village Railway Center Station, a special whistle full of 25 container counters. Wang Yupei lifted the phone, the lens, the ladie of the red bottom of the front of the front of the car was particularly clear: Luhai New Triathral Tiehai Intermodal Export India Special. "2 days to Qinzhou Port in Guangxi, within 20 days of India customers received the goods." The full-time car spare parts, the value of exceeds 8 million yuan. The carrier is China New Nanxiang Channel (Chongqing) Logistics Development Co., Ltd. Wang Yupei is the person in charge of this company.

"This is the first to go to India ‘a column.

"Don’t survey east, nearer in the south, the 上海娱乐地图网 iron sea intermodal is more than two weeks than the Jianghai intervals.

"People’s Daily" (April 17, 2019) Intelligent makes Chongqing to make a pack mustard, how much does it cost? Up to 2 yuan.

Built a smart mustard factory, how much does it cost? About 200 million yuan. Change a smart mustard factory with a million billion feeding, can it cost? "Deliverable!" Tan Yonghong, Manager of Chongqing Fuling Mountain Production Equipment Management, said that the past five or six workers have installed 12 packs one minute, and now the machine is 100 packs.

I have tasted the intelligent sweetness. In September this year, Chongqing Fuling mustard group will also put into use a new intelligent production line. In Chongqing, intelligent is becoming hot words. Traditional manufacturing such as electronics, automotive, motorcycles, auto 松江大学城学生300一次 parts, has been building digital workshops and intelligent plants. According to statistics, the city’s intelligent manufacturing demonstration project has investing more than 7 billion yuan. When intelligent, "Chongqing manufacturing", from quality to efficiency, gratifying changes. "I put on the brain to the production line, bringing better products, more orders.

"Workshop of Chongqing Alliance Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. …" People’s Daily "(August 26, 2019) Chongqing crack financing is difficult to" our new products, orders are ranked for half a year. "Chongqing Meiji Baitong Machinery Co., Ltd. Liu Jingming smiles, very good. This new product is called intelligent sand blasting machine: flexible robotic arm, reciprocating rotation, grabbing workpiece, neat code, put on the clamp, flat, inner hole The cavity is sandblasted seated … More than a year ago. "Because of the lack of money, the transformation from the traditional equipment to the intelligent equipment is not moving."

"At that time, Liu Jingming was completely eye eyebrows. Changed, from a company visited by the relevant departments of Chongqing Rongchang District." Science and Technology enterprise can apply for knowledge credit value loans, no mortgage, benchmark interest rate. "The staff introduced.

Application, payment materials, audit, less than two weeks, 2 million credit loans to account.

Intelligent equipment development, transition products are very fast. "We really had a quick lane.

"Liu Jingming said, 4 months before this year, sales is more than last year. The beneficiary company is far more than Mingzhi Baitong.

In July 2017, Chongqing took the lead in launching the reform of the knowledge value credit loan reform of science and technology enterprises in the country.

"People’s Daily" (March 19, 2019), Yonghe Village, winning the Yangtze River, turning two bends in Nanxun Town, Fuling District, Chongqing.

The yam is situated on the hillside surrounded by the river.

Standing in the orchard of the village, it is full of yellow navel orange. In the city, I took a picture into the village, I was satisfied, I bought a whole tree fruit.

Winter has navel orange, spring has alley, summer has lychee, autumn is dragon.

The villagers sell fruits can’t come out, the price is not good.

In December last year, it sold more than 20,000 kilograms of umbilical orange for half a month, earned millions of dollars. "The fruit tree is ‘forced’ comes out." Liu Jiaqi, secretary of the Village Party Branch Less, how is the day of everyone? The harmonious and village planted fruit trees … "People’s Daily" (February 12, 2019).