2021 Summer Autumn Airlines China Southern Airlines North Branch implemented 27 routes

China Southern Northern Branch is a new route in summer and autumn, China Southern Airlines Northern 上海全套哪里好 Branch added Shenyang – Hohhot-Xining route Season, help the economy, tourism and commerce of three areas. Encrypt flights China Southern Branch Encrypts Shenyang to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Bay Area, in the summer and autumn, such as Shenyang-Guangzhou increased from 7 classes every day to 8 classes, Jixi-Shenyang-Guangzhou is increased to 5 classes every day Shenyang – Zhuhai increased to Class 2 per day. In addition, Shenyang-Xiamen increased to 2 classes per day, 上海水磨休闲中心 Shenyang-Urumqi increased 3 classes 2 hours a day. Airbus 330 continues to perform Shenyang-Chengdu flight summer and autumn, the best season of Lianshen passengers to Chengdu tourism, China Southern Airlines has increased capacity in Shenyang – Chengdu route, three classes every day, all of which are direct flights, Continue to use a wide body machine – Airbus 330 aircraft executes CZ6401 / 2 flights on this route every Monday, Second, 330 aircraft. Boeing 787 continued to perform Shenyang-Guangzhou flight Summer Queen season, dream aircraft – Boeing 787 continues to operate on Shenyang-Guangzhou route.

Shenyang-Guangzhou route performs 8 classes every day, Boeing 787 aircraft will implement CZ6316 Guangzhou – Shenyang (7: 55-11: 40) flight and CZ6315 Shenyang-Guangzhou (13: 15-17: 10) flight. Boeing 787 aircraft with 上海贵族宝贝千花 dream aircraft configures 265 seats, with larger cabin space, wider seat, more open view, can see the footpool of the horizon, LED lighting creates the top of the sky. During the day and night free conversion in the cabin, bring a better flight experience for travelers. Shenyang to Tokyo, Seoul maintained a week in the international route, and China Southern Airlines will continue to implement the "five one" policy, implement Shenyang to Japan tokyo and South Korea, Seoul, Seoul, and implement Shenyang on Thursday – Tokyo Round-trip flights, Sunday implement Shenyang-Seoul round-trip flights. (Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).