Blood flow does not interrupted the heart and not stop

  On June 26, Zhongshan Years Operations room, the world’s first example of "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery is underway.

Southern Daily reporter Zhang Yuwang correspondent Liu Xingliang learned that he will be discharged from the hospital, 67-year-old expansion myocardial disease patients are difficult to hide, repeatedly said to the medical staff: "Thank you!" On July 16, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (The "Zhongshan First Hospital") held a press conference, 爱上海同城论坛aish officially announced the first "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery to achieve success, achieving the whole blood flow and uninterrupted, the heart is not stopping. Time retracted to 2 pm on June 26, in the two operating rooms in Zhongshan, a unprecedented "Change War" is going on.

  On the one extent, Fu Bo originally lesomed heart can only be peristalized, and the doctor is doing the heart of the heart on the basis of his in vitro cycle; the other side, the donor’s heart is in good heart, and it is powerful. Life continues, because this big love is achieved. During the operation, Zhongshan Yeard used the hospital’s multidisciplinary team to spend two years of "no ischemic heart transplantation technology". As the surgeon rapidly ranked tubes, blocking, donor heart exile, in vitro donor 上海千花娱乐论坛 perfusion system began to work. The system simulates the heart in the real chest, blood flow, metabolic, etc. The donor’s heart is quickly sent to Fu Bo’s operation, Zhongshan’s heart surgery Wu Zhongkai, Yin Shengli, two professors who have donatedly enemies in the heart of the heart. Under the cooperation of multidisciplinary teams, the operation was successfully completed, and the hour was in time. At present, the function of Fu Bo’s heart and organs is smoothly restored, and "new students" will be resumed. As the first batch of "high-level construction hospitals" in Guangdong, in recent years, Zhongshan, a breakthrough in medical cutting-edge technology, such as organ transplantation.

Previously, in April 2021, the deputy dean of Zhongshan, the "No Sucy" organ transplant technology opened the "No Sucy" organ transplantation technology opened the "Hot Transplantation" Project of "Thermal Transplantation" Project was awarded the 2020 International Quality Innovation Competition. This is also our first award for the first time. Zhongshan First Hospital successfully completed the world’s first "no ischemic" heart transplant surgery, attracting global attention.

Stefantullius, director of the Transplant Surgery of the Black House Hospital, USA, believes that this is a milestone of organ transplantation, providing a foundation for further study of ischemia, reperfusion injury.

  At present, the "Usteres" heart transplantation technology of Zhongshan, the "no ischemic" liver transplantation, kidney transplantation technology, 上海私人会所 and has jointly constitute the "no ischemic" organ transplantation technology system, showing the world to the world’s transplant revolution. Sexual innovation "China Mode".

(Reporter / Zhu Xiaofeng).