Guangxi 松江足浴会所哪家好 Leye: The young woman leaves the police in a timely manner

People’s Network Le Industry March 16th, on March 13, Guangxi Baise City Public Security Bureau took the group of people asking for help, a 11-year-old boy on March 12, 7 o’clock in the morning I have not returned to the home, I hope that the public security organs help find it.

After receiving the police, the police immediately founded the work, and learned the boy to see the boy 爱上海夜生活 away from home.

After understanding, the boy did not quarrel or contradict the family before home, but the boy is quite stuffy, and I don’t often communicate with my family.

Due to the longer disappearance, there is no monitoring, there is no monitoring, causing a slow progress, fortunately, fortunately, the boys send information to their mother, saying 上海qm兼职 that it is hungry and fear, but they can’t say their position, boys Mother has made many boy calls multiple times. After the mother’s mother will report to the police station, the police station immediately contacted the synthetic combat center, with the assistance of synthetic combat, and finally found the boy who left home in the woods near the job resettlement point, and sent the boy back home. . (Liu Wenqi) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Wei Mei).