Daye’s colored Fengshan copper mine tail mine: containing heavy metal wastewater straight, the heavy rain will threaten the safety of the people

The Central Sixth Ecological Environment Protection Inspector is inspected against the Shou Mining Group Co., Ltd., Dawa Non-ferrous Metal Group Holdings Co., Ltd. found that Daquanese colored subordinates lack of related treatment facilities, and the construction of dust hysteresis, Leading to a large number of tailings wastewater straight for the Yangtze River, there is environmental risk hazard.Only monitoring, Nijiang Tail Mine Waste Water One year, 2.79 million cubic meters Hubei Yellowstone is one of the birthplace of bronze cotton, and the copper mine is more than 3,000 years of history. In the simultaneous economic and social development,A large amount of stacked tailings also threatens the local ecological environment, especially the safety of the Yangtze River.

Tailings, refers to a place where the stacked metal and non-metallic mine ore selection is taken out of the tailings or other industrial waste.

Fengshan copper mine reservoir is located in Yangxin County, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, only more than 80逍遥网上海论坛0 meters from the Yangtze River.

The reporter saw at the scene that as the ore sand was stacked year by year, the tailings reservoir dam had been added to level 19, and the entire mine dam is like a giant terrace. On the top of the 740-meter-long dam, I saw that the ship went back and forth in the wide river. Not far is the newly built Wuxue Yangtze River Bridge.

The dam is another scene: the gray-white tailings sand occupies most of the area of ??the reservoir area, and more than 10 bowls of sand sand sand is detached along the top of the dam.

The tail mine is close to the Yangtze River. This should be more strict, but the investigation of the inspectors found that in 2020, Fengshan copper mine mines directly entered the River’s waste water reached 2.79 million cubic meters, and the unit product 上海水磨论坛 drainage reached each ton Mi is a quantity of the reference drainage limit.

EIA test showed that tailings wastewater contained copper, lead, cadmium and other heavy metal elements. According to the relevant regulations, before the wastewater discharge of tailings, it should be exposed to the exposed exposure and natural settlement, but the Fanthan copper mine tail mines did not build an anniry aeration facility.

There is a water quality monitoring point in the middle of the tail row, and the monitoring point staff said to the reporter that although the tail mine wastewater has not been treated, the water quality has reached the emission requirements, which belongs to compliance emissions.

However, the reporter reviewed the "Great Stri Color Quarter Environmental Inspection and Assessment Record" found that the 1820s have been discharged from the PH, COD, ammonia nitrogen and other indicators of the ribbling of Fengshan Copper mineus, and did not conform to the company. The EIA is deducted.

In addition, according to the sewage license requirements issued by the local environmental protection department, the tailings levip liquid, which is approximated by the tail mine wastewater, and then pumped back to the tailings library by pump, and not allowed.

However, Fengshan copper mine mine reservoir only constructs a leachate collection pool and unprofitted precipitation facilities, and diafilt liquid straight row. The construction of the trip and flooding, and the 20 million tons of tail mine is suspended in the Yangtze River, the "Sword" of the Damuka Dove and the Yangtze River Dike, there are more than 30 residents.

Standing in the top of the dam, you can clearly see the red top residence of the village in front of the village, in the vegetarian vegetables and fish ponds being pumped. According to experts, Fengshan copper mine tail mines are three-sided mountains, once heavy rainfall, Mountain Hong will quickly flood into the mining area. The 2 million tons of mine sand in the library will directly threaten the life safety of the dam and the ecological safety of the Yangtze River. To eliminate the threat of the mountain flood storage, you need to build a truncation in the tailings library with the mountain base, and it is connected to the drainage groove under the lower part of the dam. The Inspector Group notified that 2012 Fengshan copper mine mine library expansion environmental assessment requires 2550 meters, 2019 Hubei Provincial Ecological Environment, Hubei Province, Pollution Prevention and Treatment Program (2019-2020) " It also clearly requires its perfect truncation system to reduce rainwater. However, the company has not built a sandwitch, causing a large number of rain-water mixed mine waste water to discharge into the river. Until the Introduction of the Inspect 199 under June 2021, he only began to build a hitting construction after this issue, and only 465 meters of dustgitch was built on August 30, 2021. The reporter visited that more than 400 meters of Tututs built in the warehouse of the warehouse area of ??the reservoir area, due to the construction rush, the gap between the trenches and the nearby roads has not been filled. Under the east side of the reservoir area, the reporter did not see any signs of the construction of the flood ditch. This should be extended to the top of the Ditch Unicom to go to the top of the dam. Role. Chang Yikai, the executive deputy team of Yangxin County Environmental Protection, and Chang Yikai, said that the local environmental protection department has urged Fengshan copper mine to strengthen the construction of environmental protection facilities related to tailings, but the effect is small.

"Objectively, the surrounding topography around Fengshan copper mine is more complicated, and the construction has a certain difficulty.

Subjective, the remaining service time of the tail mines is only two or three years, and the construction of the entire cross-flood government is large, and the company lacks a willingness. "Enterprises should be perfunctory to the masses’ appeal and regulatory to deal with Fengshan Copper Mine. There is also a timely closure treatment, and it is necessary to stack the illegal production of other enterprises. Question. For Dawne Colored In the field of environmental protection, the inspectors of the Inspectors are noted that Dashio Non-colored companies have negative attitude towards long-term environmental pollution and risk hazards. It is not possible to stand out as a problem.

China’s Non-colored Group has not inspected the many ecological environment in Dasco Nonferrous Company, and the supervision and rectification is not strong, and the assessment is not strict, and the management responsibility of the Group is not strict.

According to the official website information of the Emergency Management Department, there are currently nearly 8,000 tailings reservoirs, the total quantity of the world.

In recent years, relevant state departments have continuously strengthen the management of tailings. In February 2020, the Emergency Management Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Natural Resources Department, the Ecological Environment Department, Water Conservancy Department and China Meteorological Bureau issued the "Preventing the Safety Risk Work Plan for Defining Tailings" ". Senior Engineer, Mining and Metallic Group Co., Ltd., Zhou Lianbi, who was launched in tailings management for more than 30 years. He said that due to the history of history, the hidden dangers of tailings are far from eliminating, and the governance is far away. "If you don’t rectify, you should resolutely close the library.

"Zhou Lian Bi said. Deputy director of the Institute of Development and Research Center, State Council Development, Survey, is recommended to increase scientific and technological investment, improve the comprehensive utilization level of tail minerals, which can not only improve the enthusiasm of mining enterprises, but also Fundamentally eliminate environmentally friendly hidden dangers.