Guangdong Dongguan commends labor model and advanced collective

On April 28th, Dongguan held the "May 1" International Labor Day meeting, recognizing labor models and advanced collectives, promoting the spirit of labor model, mobilizing and motivating the city, striving to have a new and greater contribution to Dongguan high-quality development. . In 2019, there were 23 advanced individuals in Dongguan, 16 advanced collectives, and the commendation of the China National Federation of Trade Unions and the Guangdong Provincial General Union, the number is the most in the years.

Among them, there are five national honors, namely the Ministry of Production, Dongguan Taiwanese rice industry company was rated as a national worker pioneer, Guangdong Amei Ceramics Co., Ltd. Huang Jianping, Guangdong Zhi Cheng Champion Group Co., Ltd., Engineer Li Minying, China Telecom Co. There are 34 honors in Guangdong Province, including 14 collectives to receive May 1st labor awards in Guangdong Province, 18 advanced individuals have received Zhang Xiaolun, Guangdong Province, Wuyi Labor Medal, Guangdong Hongfa Education Culture Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiaojun obtained Guangdong Wuyi Women’s 上海高端会所预约 Awards Advanced Collective and Individuals. In this year’s recommended selection, Dongguan pays more attention to the baseline first line, focusing on the inclinement of industrial workers, 20 people from the grassroots first line, accounting for 87%, this ratio is the biggest over the years. .

Data show that as of now, Dongguan has a total of 1018 models. Qixin won the title of "National Wuyi Towel" this year. For more than ten years, she has led the team to complete more than ten kinds, hundreds, and the total investment task of more than 23 million yuan.

"When I learned that I won the award, I also recall the bits and sour and sour and sweet. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the national scientific project construction in this great era. Let me come to Dongguan’s 上海高端工作室安排 hot soil to sway your youth, chase dreams. "Qixin said she loves research.

"Now, I also assume the scientific research of Beijing’s project, so I often run in Beijing, Dongguan, dedicate my own youth for scientific research.

"At the meeting, Dongguan City was recognized as the advanced individual and advanced collective representative issued a" promotion of the city’s laborer ". He called on the city’s laborer to determine the ideal beliefs, striving for the dream of the new era, grasping the development opportunities, and striving When the main force of the big bay area, strengthen the skill quality, strive for knowledge, skill type, innovative workers, inherit excellent traditions, and strive to work with the concept of coincide with sharing concept. (Reporter Ye Yong).