Guangdong disease control: with positive cases involving flights and trains have a quick report

Original title: Available in flights and trains with positive cases! Positive cases involve flights and trains On October 24th, Guangdong CDC issued a reminder, nucleic acid positive 上海高级酒店洗浴桑拿 cases involved 2 flights and 5 train / train trains (see the figure above), appealed to all citizens, there is a corresponding date The citizens of the above-mentioned transportation, such as not return to Cantonese, nearly detected nucleic acids;

  History staff such as the region of Lanzhou City, etc., the history of the history of the tourists have been reported last night. Guangdong Province disease control issuance reminds: Since October 15, the province has been reported to the community to the community as soon as possible. Nucleic acid "three days and two inspections" and 14-day home health monitoring. In addition, there will be new 上海浦东外卖私人工作室 cases or continued cases, and Guangdong disease control calls for people with the history of travel in the following regions to detect nucleic acids in the ground, and do 14-day self-health monitoring: October 16th, from Inner Mongolia Huihaohot into Guangdong Personnel; Since October 17, from Hunan Changsha entered the Guangdong personnel; Since October 18, Southern Guangdong will enter the capital.

(Reporter He Xuehua, Weng Shuxian correspondent Yue Disease Control) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.