China Building Materials National Space Technology Intelligent Exhibition Hall

Kaisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological listed 爱上海sh419论坛 company, which is the Holding Technology 爱上海1314论坛 Platform of the World Building Materials 上海spa水磨 Group. Headquartered in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Bengbu City, is a professional engaged in new materials and new display services, integrating R & D, production,Sales as a high-tech enterprise.Kaisheng Science and Technology Social Science and Technology Intelligent Exhibition Hall, located in the new model of Kaisheng, Hudu High-tech Zone.Exhibition hall is divided into 4 sectors: A District Office (Corporate Cultural Short Slice), B District Condagration Competency (Creating Leads, Creating Creative), CHare Innovation Creation (Industrial Innovation Excellence), D Zhutong New Dream (Development Strategy Ogad 2025 National Vision).