Double eleven front year e-commerce industry talent demand does not rise, the content of the community high salary

Yesterday, the Take the Recruitment Data Institute released the "2021 double eleven", and interpret the talent demand and salary trend analysis of the two eleven direct related e-commerce, MCN (short video 嘉定区419会所 institutions), logistics and content community industry.

Data show that in 2021, the demand for talents in the e-commerce industry in Double Eleven did not rise, and the MCN part-time position increased by 437%. The content community high-paying people, the commercial trend was remarkable. The data shows that this year’s double eleven, the four major industries recruiting demand trend will be basically consistent.

The overall recruitment demand in the e-commerce industry is reduced from last year, but the recruitment period is obvious.

In August, the demand for talents in early E-commerce industry was stable. The demand in September began to fall until early October to the trough.

With the premium of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival promotion, the talent reserve cycle of the e-commerce industry has basically completed the reserve from early August to October. The industry believes that the e-commerce industry has high liquidity, and the reaches of talent demand in mid-October is to make up and emergency. The overall recruitment demand in the MCN industry is more strong than last year, and the 上海闵行桑拿水磨会所overall recruitment needs of the logistics industry have been slightly reduced last year. It is worth noting that the development of mobile technology is developed rapidly in various content communities that text, pictures, and video forms, and the commercial form of e-commerce is increasingly mature.

This year, the talent recruitment demand index of the content community increased by 23% from the same period last year, and the recruitment trend of e-commerce talents was aggravated.

In 2021, the double eleventh 12 weeks, the average salary of the e-commerce industry was 16,150 yuan, up 27% over 12,741 yuan last year.

The laundering trend of 12 weeks before the promotion is relatively stable.

In 2021, the sales of electric commercial industry, the average number of sales was the longest, 1上海新茶500 46 days, followed by the anchor / network red artist, customer service, online shop operation.

Online shopping has become the mainstream trend of national consumption, and the demand for special talents in the e-commerce industry has been normalized. The average salary of the MCN industry in the double eleven is 14291 yuan, down 4% from 14892 yuan last year, and the salary trend is more stable last year.

With the improvement of industry development, institutional management is more specialized and standardized, and MCN is more excited to manage talent compensation. The flexible employment has become a new way of managing human resource management during a typical node that is typical in double eleven.

However, it is worth noting that the e-commerce industry is 58% for part-time anchors over the same period last year, while MCN has increased by 437% from the part-time recruitment needs of the position. The combination of the e-commerce industry and the MCN industry is more closely combined, and the specific period has received talent support through cooperation with the MCN institution, has become an important manner in the e-commerce industry.

The logistics industry salary trend has a large fluctuation, and the sales rate in October reaches the peak, an increase of 47% from the previous week. The average salary of the logistics industry in the first 12 weeks of promotion was 15117 yuan, an increase of 20% from last year.

It is worth noting that compared with last year, this year’s logistics industry decreased to 55% for part-time couriers, and the talent reserves in the logistics industry tend to be robust. In 2020, the average salary of the double eleventh content community was 2,1067 yuan, and the average salary of this year increased by 11%, up to 23,308 yuan.

At the beginning of this year, the "Internet People’s Salary Report" released by the Take the Recruitment Data Institute showed that the average annual salary of the Internet was 15,600 yuan, compared to the average salary of the content community located in the Internet industry. The content community has a greater salary of talents, and the difference in other industries is obvious.

The live broadcast of the hot movement / promotion position is as high as 24,800 yuan, and the average salary of the e-commerce industry is only 13,300 yuan, and the salary of the same position is high in the e-commerce industry. In addition, in 2021, the total number of sales in the content community has increased, and the commercial position occupies 3 seats, and the commercial needs of the content community are obvious. Double eleven, the part-time anchor, part-time live broadcast planning, part-time live broadcast, part-time live broadcast assistant, has a significant increase, and part-time talent demand is the time last year.

The sales model of live broadcast belts is hot, and it has also spawned a large number of ambitious / network red artists, an anchor operation, and anchor assistant.

The data of the recruitment data research show that the male and network red artist’s occupational population, the male accounts for 49%, and women account for 51%, compared to the 84% of women last year, the gender distribution of the Internet Marketing. average. They are mostly derived from the north, and 73% is between 20 and 30 years old. In addition, live broadcast also has become a new choice for slash youth. In users who deliver feature, 9% of the aesthetic candidates use them as the second occupation.

(Reporter Zhuang Yue).