Changping, Beijing: Tiantongyuan North Second District diagnosed cases a secret 555 people currently have a negative nucleic acid results

People’s Network Beijing November 3 (Li Bo) This afternoon, Beijing held a press conference for the 255th new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Beijing Changping District People’s Government Deputy Director Qi Li Zhi picked up the situation of epidemic prevention and control. One is to carry out efficient and meticulous work.

According to the requirements of "in-depth and more deeper, more detailed, accelerate and then accelerate", continue to dig detail, do not leak one, the secret person does not fall.

As of 12 o’clock today, 3,856 close contacts in Changping District, 1431 secondary close contacts have been implemented. Among them, there were 555 close contacts of Tiantongyuan North Second Region and 69 secondary close contacts. At present, the nucleic acid detection results are negative.

Second, scientific comprehension of nucleic acid detection.

As of today, Changping District has completed the seventh round of the Hongfuyuan Community, the 5th round of nucleic acid detection in the East Town Forest Dafu North District, 4 rounds of large-scale nucleic acid detection in Shahe Town Prevention Zone, Tangshan Town, Chengbei Street and other key prevention areas conducted 3 rounds of nucleic acid detection, and the results were negative.

In particular, yesterday completed the nucleic acid detection of Tianbei Street, and the results were negative. Today, the second nucleic acid test was conducted in the North Second District of Tiantongyuan North Street Tiantongyuan.

Nucleic acid detection is very important for timely find infected people, reducing the risk 上海大宝剑攻略 of infection, and hopes that the general public will actively take the initiative to test. Here, it is prompted by the general public. Since October 27, the Tiantongyuan North Second district has lived, and there is currently not resident friends in the sealing area, and take the initiative to conduct testing.

The third is to use your heart to do a good job. Deliven more than 1,000 staff members to Tianxiangyuan North Second District, carry out jobs, and service security, and do a good job in the collection of home isolation, help buy, distribute to households. Increase the garbage transfer work of the sealing area, organize special training, guidance staff under the premise of personal protection, in accordance with the prevention and control requirements such as "first disinfection, double bag", "Nissan 上海水磨会所哪里好点 Day Qing", etc., do a good job in domestic garbage .

Develop medical waste disposal standards, standardize the design of medical garbage, implement special car, accumulating the disposal of incidence of medical waste, and all specifically safely disposal. The fourth is to continue to strengthen the standardization of isolation points. It is the key to block the spread of the epidemic.

Changping District established the work of work by the relevant responsible comrades of the district committee region government, and the centralized isolation point launched a comprehensive inspection and guidance, focusing on the training of the medical care, public security, logistics protection, etc. Implement measures such as external closure management, internal standard management, clean disinfection, garbage 上海后花园 disposal, environmental monitoring, etc. Infect.

Improve the interposed workflow, refine detection, transfer, and home and other links to ensure that the isolation is observed after the isolation of 7 days after isolation.

The fifth is to go all out to protect the needs of citizens. Guide the wholesale market, Shangchao, e-commerce enterprises broaden supply channels, increase transfer efforts, as of November 2, the whole region of 17 agricultural and sideline products markets are 3057 tons, sales volume of 2465 tons, life necessities supply adequate, supply and demand smooth.

Guide to urge platform companies to improve the distribution efficiency of control points, and fully open the last kilometer of the essential product of the sealing community.

At the same time, for hoarding, smashing prices, collaboration, etc., strengthen supervision, severely hit, and strictly maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Li Liizhi said that the current, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is still serious and complicated, and it is the victory, and the victory is in persistence.

Changping District will resolutely pick up the subject’s responsibility, close attention to key people, key areas, key links, and fully promote the improvement of various prevention and control measures, put each work, every link is doing, doing finely, doing one Further, the epidemic will be further controlled as soon as possible. At the same time, we will play the 12345 citizens’ service hotline, and we will go all out to do a good job in the work of the pastoral appeal.

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