Global connection | (approaching Winter Olympics)

  The boiled white snow decided to be located in the Xiahai Mountain, Beijing Yanqing, and the "Snow Tour Dragon" is more beautiful.Recently, the International Sled Federation Sleigh is open at the 黄浦区419娱乐会所 National Snow Sleigh Center.

  The blue sky and white clouds after 上海洋马资源 the early winter is put down on the figures of various countries (regional) athletes.

Welcome to the morning, slide into the evening glow, on the high-quality track in the National Snow Credit Center, the players to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Thumb with thumbs, praise for the national snowcot sled center venues; screaming for athletes; for the test activities of Beijing Winter Olympics!Video: National Snow Sleigh Center Venue provides Editor: Ji, Wu Bo Wen, Li Chunyu Xinhua News Agency International Communication Platform.