Beijing Encourage Social Strength Intelligence Museum to jointly carry out curriculum research and development 

Original title: Beijing encourages social power to build museums this newspaper (Reporter Cui Yifei) Encourage Social Strength to Help Museum, which is beneficial to enrich museum categories, optimize the system layout, helps the city construction of Beijing Museum … Recently, Beijing Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau Six sectors issued "Several Opinions of Beijing Encourage Social Power to Housing Museum" (referred to as "opinions"), vigorously promote social power to participate in the museum construction. "Opinions" were issued by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, Beijing Municipal 上海水磨iso Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission. The Social Power of Social Power is intended to build a museum in the administrative region of the city, and the museum has been established in accordance with the law, and has completed the museum in accordance with the law. Museums, state-owned enterprises at all levels, museums in colleges and universities, and qualified institutions. "Opinions" clarified 10 specific work tasks. For example, in terms of optimizing the filing process, it is proposed to strengthen the guidance of the subject of the social power to the museum of the social power, and further optimize the museum to set up the filing examination process, and clarify the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau and the Civil Affairs Bureau as a responsible unit; in the help system, encourage the State-owned Museum In combination with non-national museums, the exhibitions are organized, planning social education activities, reasonably planning a number of cultural relics and protective centers, free or offers to provide social forces to build museums. "Opinions" also support, 上海嘉定暗茶 encourage all districts to combine the characteristics of this region, using the idle space and urban complex, free or low rent of the city, free or low rent, etc. What is worth paying attention is that the "Opinions" proposed to promote the museum and school education, comprehensive practice organic combination, strengthen our teachers joint training, jointly carry out curriculum research and development, strengthen excellent project demonstration lead, and improve the learning effect of primary and secondary school students. At the same time, encouragement in Beijing University to increase professional settings in Beijing Cultural Relics Museum, adopt a constituent mechanism, tailor-made Museum Talents Training Program, and increase the introduction of literature.

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