Baotou promotes the construction of a government investment project intelligence management platform

  In order to promote budget management, performance evaluation and project information management, Baotou City Finance Bureau took the lead in launching the project library system, as a project 上海浦东油压资源群 management system as the city’s financial budget project library, implementing project reserves, project review, performance evaluation, and budget dynamic management. Up to now, various investment projects have more than 3,000 warehousing, with an investment scale, involving 60 project policies, 25 industry types, 30 management departments, 10 flag counties.

  Baotou Municipal Government Investment Project Management Platform is the three characteristics of "Internet cloud storage, full procedure, support, intelligent data".

The project management system sets project information, project procedures, project investment, bidding procurement, contract filing, progress management, completion acceptance and performance evaluation, according to the full lifecycle.

You can achieve resource sharing,上海干磨工作室微信 in parallel office, process setting, report portfolio, dynamic supervision, graphical display, online review, 上海闵行油压店推荐construction log, classification management, and WeChat service and other management services.

Since the implementation of the project library platform, the 3-year-old investment target task of energy conservation and emission reduction has been successfully completed, and 158 demonstration projects have been implemented, and the actual investment of 19.4 billion yuan, and 121% of the demonstration target tasks.

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