Entrepreneurship loan "loan"

According to the postal banking, the postal banks, in order to continue to promote 闵行区干磨 the financial support of entrepreneurship, the Postal Savings Bank Yongchang County Branch has issued 4,403 entrepreneurial guarantees since the opening of "venture loans" in 2011, and the amount of billion yuan.

"Small stores like us, there is not much flowing capital, when you use money, it is really helpless!" Zhao Haoli University will choose independent 上海kb足浴 entrepreneurship after graduation, and operate a cultural and sports shop in Yongchang County. At the end of 2020, Zhao Geyi decided to expand its business scale, helplessness is insufficient, stopping before stopping. When the Postal Savings Bank Yongchang County Branch, when visited by the household, he introduced him the "Entrepreneurial Loan" project promoted by the Postal Savings Bank and the Yongchang County People’s Social Security 上海会所爽记 Bureau.

After understanding the detailed policy, Zhao Jicheng submitted the application information. After three days, 200,000 yuan loan was issued in Zhao Wei, solved his urgent needs. According to reports, in order to strengthen the "entrepreneurial loan" promotion, solve small micro enterprises, individual merchants financing difficult problems, postal banking Yongchang County Branch and Yongchang County People’s Social Security Bureau launched "Supporting Computer Refectation, Expanding Employment Entrepreneurs" entrepreneurial loan publicity Going out to publicize policies, changing "sitting merchants" for "places", take the initiative to find customers, publicize the advantages of entrepreneurship loans throughout the line.

At the same time, the bank optimizes business processes, implementing entrepreneurial loans "one-stop" service, namely loan consultation, loan application, loan survey, loan issuance and other issues, improve loan acceptance efficiency and working time limit, opening up entrepreneurial loan approval " Green channel ", making financial services more convenient and more temperature.

(Queen Wang Shiqiang) (Editor: Chen Cheng, Wang Wei).