Butterfly Surge DISC participates in 2上海水磨桑拿会所论坛021 China Eye Valley Eye Vision Innovation Development International Forum Won the second prize of the competition

As an important part of the 2021 World Youth Scientist Summit, the 2021 China Eye Visight Innovation Development International Forum and the 3rd Innovation Entrepreneurship Global Challenge ended on November 11th. This competition is guided by the China Science and Technology Association, the Zhejiang People’s Government, Zhejiang Science and Technology Association, the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government, the total number of people exceeds 1200 people, domestic and foreign guests, experts over 500 experts, heat And the number of people has a new high.

2021 China Eye Visights Innovation Development International Forum and the 3rd Innovation Entrepreneur 上海徐汇按摩店 Global Challenge China Optimus Council Chairman, Wenzhou Medical University Eye Voirou Hospital Group General Professor Yan Jia’s 2021 Chinese eye Valley Since the 3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Challenge, after 3 months, 156 participating projects from all over the world have attracted their opinions, smart medical, eye light equipment, ophthalmology drugs, visual optical, visual extensions and future Science and technology, etc. After fierce and wonderful competition, the butterfly of Zhuhai Boai Guang Technology Co., Ltd. is a DISC concentric ring (optical defocus) soft contact mirror technology, from the many participating teams, won the 2021 Chinese eye valley innovation entrepreneurship global challenge second class prize.

Butterfly Disc won the second prize awards ceremony of China Eye Valley Innovation 上海美女个人工作室 Entrepreneurship, Director of Wenzhou Medical University, Director of Wenzhou Officer International Innovation Center The Director of the Party Work Committee of the High-tech Zone, the director of the high-tech zone (Zhejiang Science and Technology City) Management Committee, attended the event and presented awards. Dr. Xu Liangde, Butterfly Signal DISC Joint Foundation Luo Yong, Butterfly Surge DISC Founder Deng Zhixin, Yan Jia Professor That Colorful DISC Concentric Walk (Optical Defocus) Soft Contact Mirror Technology, Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Technology, Jingguang College Professor Du Zhifa led, Xie Xinran, Mr. Liang Ziwen and other Hong Kong Institute of Technology.

Design principle: Butterfly Signal DISC uses optical defocus principle, using multi-ring-focus development technology, transitions travelatability to a positive focus or myopia defocus, and controls the intersection of the ophthalmic ratio.

The technology won the National Awards and Jury Journey Award at the 39th Swiss Geneva International Inventions, and 14 invention patents were also available in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

Ms. Du Zhifang, a director of Zhuhai Boai Guang Technology Co., Ltd., a director of Zhuhai Boai, Phuishi, Zhuhai, Pearl, Pearlor’s Perspective of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Yuan, 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan bonus, the winning landing project is applied for identifying the city’s leading talent entrepreneurship project, and then gives no less than 6 million yuan, 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan.

A 2021 growth project signing ceremony was held on site. Butterfly Sign, the project signing ceremony, the project signing ceremony, the butterfly is signed, the future will rely on the eye of the Valley, link the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, established the China Eye Valley Butterfly to the Research Center, the jurisdiction, the establishment of a team, and technology Training base, and established a special R & D fund.

Pushing the DISC Coherent Ring (Optical Defocular) Soft Contact Mirror Technology. 2021 World Youth Scientist Summit Series Activities China Eye Victoria Sight Innovation Development International Forum, to bring together advanced concepts and resources in the world, promote the topic of the eye-catching and industrial development of the eye, focus on the current myopia The problems that need to be solved in the prevention and control work, and the innovation and development of light industry, and the gathering of the project.

China ‘s eye-catching, DISC has a common cooperation vision for future eye health care, will better integrate resources and advantages, and deepen the continuation of butterflies’ siki DISC and the long-term cooperation between China’s eye valley.

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