Fenglin Street, Xuhui District: Consolidating the construction of the position and promoting the party building high quality development

The Party Working Committee of Fenglin Street, Xuhui District implements the general requirements and organizational route of the new era of the party, continuously promoting the construction of party group service positions, continuously strengthening party building leading, serving party members, helping grassroots governance, is the construction and creation of grassroots party Healthy Fenglin "brand provides strong organizational guarantee and position support. Constructing the new space of the Party Group Service Center adheres to the "open, intensive, sharedness, 上海油压体验论坛 hub"上海哪里可以约到女孩子 concept, and actively promote the space, mechanism, and integration of the community party service center space, mechanism, and team.

Do a good job in planning. Taking the first part of the party, the convenience of one stop service, the integration of integration, and the construction requirements for the construction requirements, the establishment of the central system function, realizing physical space, working strength, service resources and information data fusion.

Highlight function layout.

Fusion of the party building, government affairs, community and other resources of Fenglin, forming a group of community residents, party members, radiation surrounding school enterprises, employees, etc., collective education, organizational life, employee skill training, convenience service 上海静安桑拿会所project, regional integration Wait for a new space of the community activity. Create a fine team.

Break the original department, the barrier barrier barrier, and carry out the internal team to carry out the training, build a multi-directional party complex talent. The staff implemented the double-responsibility system, while the work of the line is completed, and the temporary work team is established according to the event, the project, etc., and the tasks are completed under the co-ordination. Creating a new landmark of the building, the new landmark "with Zhouhui" party service station broke the physical barrier between the building enterprises, and consolidates the "two new" party foundations by establishing a multi-directional linkage mechanism.

Grasp the specification and expand the cover.

"Two new" organizations have mastered the base number through the comprehensive service platform, the joint street business office, the market supervision and management office, etc. Through the investigation, the "two new" organizations and station enterprises are regular visits, woven non-public corporate party building positions, enhance business service level, and ensure that the policy is subsequently implemented. Strong position, strong brand.

Combined with various sectors of the streets, regional unit resources, regularly provide "zero-distance" party services for the building white-collar workers, and further strengthen the linkage of party organizations and regional units and residential areas at all levels of the building, and enhance the role of party group service station hubs. Do the third-level party group service new system street party Work Committee continues to promote the construction of party group service positions, and strive to create a new system of "1 + 2 + 31 + X" party group service.

That is, "1" Community Party Service Center, "2" Characteristic Party Group Service Center, "31" Residential District Party Service Station and "X" comprehensive as the old service center, buffet service point, long care House, children’s service center and other comprehensive party group service points.

Integrate community party group service center, regional units, cultural centers, community schools, etc. And the party building resource is concentrated to the grassroots level, providing the party group service of the party members in the jurisdiction. Exploring a one-stop characteristics, developing a distinctive party service project, continuously enhances the management of community management, precision service, and governance.

(Source: Shanghai Grand Party Building Network) (Responsible: Mu Yili, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.