Digital economic cooperation, new steps

"People’s Daily" sn品茶论坛上海 (August 28, 2022) Machine arm telescopic rotation, an ice cream to hand; wear a virtual reality glasses linkage mobile phone, experience a virtual shopping; in the artificial intelligent gallery, you can implement photo styleTransform, feel the wonderful effects of artificial intelligence "Picture" … in Chongqing in the mountains, a big data intelligent event, "Black Technology" is exciting.From August 23rd, China-Shanghai Cooperative Organization Digital Economic Industry Forum, 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo held in Chongqing, showing the combination of "online + off", from 31 countries and regions611 companies participated in 92 major projects, contract investment of 252.4 billion yuan, covering intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, technology and other fields.

  Industrial Internet, letting production more efficient in the industrial Internet exhibition area, Guangwang Mingdao Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is eye-catching – a smart factory is "moving" to the Zhishui scene.

  "There is no ‘pipeline", only’ production island ‘. "Company C2M (Direct Division Manufacturing) Division General Manager Zhang Zhuo Wen, every" Island "is a production unit, the robot shuttles, transfer materials between" Island ", transfer materials. Opposite organic connection through industrial Internet platforms, production lines, suppliers and users. According to the personalized requirements of different customers, the machining process can also be changed and small batch production. Not just a wide range of Mingdao, 2021 Zhibo will highlight the industry’s Internet theme, run through the "meeting, exhibition, game, theory" full link, the topic setting 20,000 square meters of industrial Internet exhibition areas, show new technologies for new products.

  In the industrial Internet logo parsing the national top node (Chongqing) operation center booth, Xinghuo · Industrial Internet operation monitoring platform has attracted many viewers, showing identification analysis of product equipment and industrial Internet new model application scenarios; another side, engine intelligent detection production line In order to run, the digital beating update on the screen is displaying engine performance testing and appearance detection application scenarios; … In the past 3 years, Zhishui has brought a large number of landing projects, technical flow, capital flow, talent flow, and material flow, etc. Relying on the original manufacturing advantages, Chongqing vigorously promotes the intelligent innovation and development of big data, promotes the integration of digital economy and entity economy, and empower industrial Internet transformation and upgrading, change "manufacturing" as "learning", so that production is more efficient In order to promote economic high quality development.

  Wisdom results, let life more exciting future, how will people spend the day of "wisdom"? At this Zhishui, "a day of wisdom life" appeared, becoming a future wisdom life. In the wisdom, the smart curtains are slow, and the sunshine is sprinkled into the house. , Translate the contents of the meeting and translate in real time; to the wisdom art life, wear a virtual reality glasses, watch an immersive performance … Wisdom results are making people more exciting.

  WeChat in your mobile phone can also be interconnected with home. In Tencent Palace, open WeChat, touch the screen, click the operation, you can feel the smart fan’s burst of breeze. Wisdom life, inseparable from "green" philosophy. In the pavilion group pavilion, a glass attracted the attention of the reporter.

After the glass is immersed in hot water, the temperature is reduced as the temperature is gradually "atomized", and the temperature is reduced. "Summer, glass atomization can reduce room temperature by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

In winter, the glass will become a transparent state, so that the warm sun enters the room, so that the indoor temperature rises two or three degrees. "Exhibition area staff introduction. Smart community, smart medical, wisdom pension … from the government to urban operation, from government service to home life, from office scenes to the streets, the tentacles of the smart industry have extensively extended in Chongqing, is being in the Poland Extremely spread. Intelligent is an economic communication, adding color to life, which is the theme of Zhibo.

While developing digital economy, Chongqing has a happy color of a good life with wisdom results, and hooks the beautiful picture of "Wisdom Famous City".

  Expand open, let cooperation in the Belarusian pavilion, full intelligent mobility system can achieve any spacing of high-precision between 20 meters between two cars, in parallel; wind power blade grinding robot can climb, can meet robot auxiliary assembly The system’s basic use requirements for mobile platforms … These results come from the Zhongbai Industrial Park established in Mingsk, Belarus.

  Taking the Digital Economic Industry Forum, Zhishui is a platform, many countries and companies gather in Chongqing, and the road of Chongqing open and cooperation is continuously extended. This year’s positive is the 20th anniversary of the organization. Up to now, Chongqing has established friendly and cooperative relations with nearly 30 regions of the Organization.

In 2020, the total import and export of Chongqing and Shanghe Organization has exceeded 32.5 billion yuan. The Digital Economic Industry Forum landed in Chongqing will inject new motivation in Chongqing.

  The Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is talking on the forum. Training the National Multi-Functional Economic and Trade Platform can promote the economic SAR, corporate incubator and technology experience of the Economic Sav of Corporate Incubator and Science and Technology, "The construction and development of the platform have become one of the important results of this session.

"As one of the key forums 松江区松东路叫小妹 of the 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, the China New International Data Channel Development Forum has brought more exchanges and opportunities this year.

Western provinces (districts, municipalities) gather in Chongqing, jointly promote interconnection between the Western Regions and ASEAN countries.

Not only that, but with the high quality development, smart education, smart tourism, smart medical care … more application scenarios is gradually realized.

  A brand new digital economic cooperative painting is in the mountain city. From the signing to land, a large number of key projects are blooming in Chongqing, allowing global intelligent technology, intelligent industries, intelligent talents, etc. Innovate elements in Chongqing accelerate agglomeration.

This year, 上海高端水磨论坛 under the double driving of the Digital Economic Industry Forum and the Zhishui, more emerging projects landed in China. "I have held Zhibo for 4 consecutive years, which not only vigorously promoted the development of the smart industry in Chongqing, but also created a good intelligent development atmosphere." The person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Economic Information Commission said that Chongqing will continue to explore big data intelligent innovation development path , Help strategic emerging industries to do large-scale, traditional industries and upgrades.

At the same time, let more wisdom results into life, and improve the happiness of the masses.

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