Complex to open the express entered the village "The last km" (Golden Table)

  Source: The Office of the State Council "Opinion on Accelerating the Construction of Rural Send Logistics System"

However, the reader is reflected, and the express delivery to the township is very smooth, and it has encountered hindrances in the village. Restricted to the lack of courier, there is no express station in the village, and the express parcel is often stopped in the township. The "last kilometer" of the courier into the village is urgently waiting.

  There is no express station in the village. If you have a long-standing child, you have long been a daily life of urban and rural residents.

Peng Shijian, Xihua County, Henan Province, said in the letter, there are more than 10 express delivery companies in Xihua County, and all expressions are all over the county street. Just a phone, the courier can come to the door to send express, "But the express is only It can be sent to the township, but in addition to the village. There are more than 20 villages around us, only one or two villages have express spots. Many express packages need villagers to go to 上海品茶工作室 towns and towns, and they are very troublesome. "

  Mr. Wu, Ningde, Fujian, said in the letter that he has been in foreign workers all yearners, sometimes online shopping for the elderly and children in the left-behind home, but there is no service station in the village, "from our village to the town there is still a distance For the elderly and children to take more than 1 hour road in order to 上海闵行水磨海选全场698 pick up the package. "

  Ms. Yu, the reader of Liaoning Zhuanghe City, also mentioned that because there is no express station in the village, what I bought to my family is often unable to send it. "The old man’s legs are inconvenient, and they don’t know how to pick up these things. There is a big difficulty Please refer to the neighbor’s generation for a long time.

Moreover, encountering a busy holiday, the villagers can’t take a time to pick up the package. The amount of logistics receiving points in the town is very large, and if the package is long-term storage, it is easy to lose. Larger improvement space.

In the Spring Festival, shopping needs are high in time, these problems are more prominent. Mr. Yang, who is in Gansu, Guangan City, mentioned that the logistics from the town to the village, due to the lack of unified management, often loaded with the goods and pesticide fertilizers and other goods, and the wrapped is crushing and even lost. Express operation is not enough, resulting in the phenomenon of "secondary charge", there is a collection point in order to solve the needs of express delivery villages, and some villages have a collection point, and the villagers will take the parcel from township, but they need villagers to pay certain fees. Currently, the "secondary charge" is generally existed in the rural expressions. Ms. Li, Kang County, Gansu, said: "Our village has more than 40 kilometers away from the town, and you can only go to the town to pick up the package.

Some drivers who often go back to the villages will help pick up the express, but each piece will charge 5 to 10 yuan.

Some drivers have been wrapped in the small shop in the village, and the small store will receive a custody fee.

This layer is increased, and sometimes a courier logistics cost is more than the money to buy something. "Hunan Pingjiang County Reader Wu Minchu mentioned in the letter that in the past two years, with the increase of the number of parcels, the village has also built a collection point, but it is generally charged.

Once, he learned that the express delivery has been sent to the town, and he rushed to the express station. I didn’t expect the staff to inform him that he must pay for the village collection point. "I have arrived at the express station. I have to go to the village to pick up the package. They are in order to make this fees, is this not forced charge?" Wu Minchu said. Xu Zhigang, Professor, Department of Economics and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University, said that rural villagers live dispersion, high logistics cost is the main reason for the "secondary charge" of express delivery. In addition, the consumption model of rural residents is relatively lagging. The e-commerce shopping needs are small, and logistics is mainly shipping unidirectional logistics, lacking recipient logistics, small rural logistics, and the courier company is difficult to earn or even lose money.

  The business manager of a courier company said to the reporter that his township express station continued 20% of the company’s regulations, and the delivery fee was low, and the delivery of the village is very unwound, so as long as it is sent to the countryside Express is notified that the recipient will take it.

"In fact, there are high-quality agricultural products such as grapes and vegetables here, but most farmers are not good at using express delivery outgoing agricultural products.

If the villagers can use express logistics to transport agricultural products, they will be a win-win situation for villagers and express delivery companies. "This business manager said. Express is not coming, the agricultural products do not go, and logistics into the obstruction of rural economic development.

Some readers mentioned that the village once cooperated with the passenger bus to transport agricultural products. Due to the limited shuttle of the shuttle, agricultural products often could not be issued in time, and fresh agricultural products faced the risk of deterioration. "If you can work with express enterprises, these problems are easy to solve". The passenger cargo fusement development, e-commerce into the countryside, together with the "last kilometer" rural delivery logistics is one of the important channels of entering the village in the village, the consumer product, the production and life needs, release rural consumption on the production of peasant mass Potential, promoting rural resolution is of great significance. In recent years, the construction of rural delivery logistics system has made great progress, and the express delivery "going to the countryside" accelerates advancement.

  In August 202, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Rural Publishing Logistics System", clearly proposed that by 2025, basically forming open Huimin, intensive sharing, safe and efficient, two-way rural delivery logistics system, and realizing township There are outlets, villages have services, agricultural products are dedicated, consumer goods can be entered, rural delivery logistics supply capacity and service quality are significantly improved, and convenient Huimin delivery service is basically covered.

  The State Post Bureau introduced "3 years of express delivery program (2020-2022) year in the Express in the village, the national post office", and incorporates the construction of rural logistics system into strategic deployment. Many ways to cooperate and other cooperation have advanced. In order to solve the problem of express entered the village, many places have been explored and tried.

Some places rely on passenger transport lines, postal direct, express outlets, etc., integrated passenger transport, post, express delivery, superior sharing, explore new models of rural transportation services. Xie Deji, a professor of the Southwest University Resources and Environment, said that rural logistics problems are gradually solving, such as the use of the village collective service center, small selling stores, etc., can solve the express delivery problem very well; use the bus passenger transport system, or logistics company Cooperation with the postal line, you can play an advantage, reduce delivery costs, promote the development of rural passenger goods depth, "infrastructure required for agricultural products, such as roads, cold chain devices, warehouses, wholesale markets, can also be found Gradually plan ". Some readers have called for extensive propaganda and promoting "express entered the village" to let more farmers understand and use express.

Only have a lot of goods from the goods, the express service can be active in the vast rural areas.

Xu Zhigang suggested accelerating the construction of rural delivery logistics, should "two legs": First, the county rural logistics line is integrated, forming a professional logistics company in the county, undertaking other logistics companies to send materials after the county, so that the economy can be used Reduce unit product logistics costs; Second, promote further development of rural e-commerce, using e-commerce platform to open up the sales channels of agricultural products, through the two-way logistics of rural areas, and further promote the courier underground.

  The Huasheng Rural Community in Huiyi County, Sichuan Province is in the hills of the mountain, far from the center of township.

Local resident cadres said that rural logistics development is subjective, but you can use the integration of logistics, develop rural e-commerce, etc., let the down-selling consumption and upstream sales jointly drive rural logistics development.

  Since 2020, Huajiang Rural Community has given the advantage of e-commerce platform, and the agricultural products that can not be sold in the traditional market, but found a suitable sales channel, which is sold all over the country. The village has established an e-commerce service station, and the villagers sent their own agricultural products to the service station, and the service station was unified and sent to the distribution center sent to the township. The service station is built in a small selling store in the village, and the small selling store understands the local situation. At the same time, the flow of people can also bring popularity to the small selling store, which reduces the service cost of the small store. This operational channel has accelerated the speed of the body of the village and township, so that the express delivery will be further sinking into the village, and the development effect of rural logistics and e-commerce synergies.

The needs of agricultural products have become a key point in the "last kilometer" of the courier into the village. (Yan Awen participated in the writing) (Editor: Liu Shuzhen, Xiao Xin) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.