Fengdu County, Chongqing, is a friendly district of Kavarova City, Mexico

  On November 16th, during the Summit of Zhongli Entrepreneur, Zhongli Trade Promotion Institutions, Business Association and Zhongli Enterprises have reached a number of cooperation results, and the two signed a total of 18 cooperation agreements. Among them, Zhongli Enterprise signed 8 cooperation agreements, involving many fields such as animal husbandry, minerals, automotive, medical devices, with a contract amount of nearly $ 11 billion. It is worth mentioning that during the summit, Fengdu County, Chongqing, is also a friendly district of Kavardo City, Mexico City. There are many people in Chongqing enterprises and institutions in the cooperation agreement of this contract. For example, the China International Chamber of Commerce Chongqing Chamber of Commerce and Brazil International Relations and Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce will sign a memorandum of cooperation; Chongqing Jinshan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and Colombia Biotronitech, signing the cooperation agreement on the medical device industry, capsule robot; Chongqing Zhongji Import and Export Co., Ltd. Uruguay enterprise signed beef cooperation projects.

  "At present, the two levels of Chongqing City have been concluded with 7 states in Latin America and the Caribbean, of which there are 4 city-level friends, 3 people in Friends. The municipal trade will have more than 20 Latin America. The business association, the trade promotion has established cooperative institutions, and the bilateral cooperative channel system has been basically formed. "The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Government said that with the help 青浦赵巷最近没人 of the Middle-pull entrepreneurial summit, Chongqing will strive to set up more Latin America and the Caribbean countries in Chongqing. Representative agencies, promote the development of bilateral relations. In terms of economic and trade cooperation, he said that next step, Chongqing will encourage conditions, powerful enterprises to Latin America and Caribbean countries to establish an international marketing public service 上海虹口水磨300群 platform, and support Chongqing’s foreign trade enterprises through cloud exhibitions, cloud docking, cloud negotiation, Cloud signing and other means, actively seek cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean companies.

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