Hangzhou Tonglu opened the village-level tip supervision "last kilometer"

Original title: Tonglu opened the village-level tip supervision "The last kilometer" recently, in the old county street in Hangzhou Tonglu County, Hongru Village, "Our Meeting" is being held, and the two sides of the Tonglu County Commission for Discipline Inspection committee are prestigious. "The district supervisors the six groups and the villages of the old counties and the relevant cadres of the streets. "Promotion Supervision" 上海龙凤洗浴休闲会所 is directly informatively checking the county-level discipline committee supervision, in effectively solving some practical problems concerning township (street) and villages (social), including the construction of party style and clean government, anti-corruption construction, and beautiful rural construction. Some important nodes, problems analyze. In recent years, in order to effectively strengthen the construction of rural party style and clean government, in-depth promotion, in-depth promotion, extension from severe administration to the grassroots level, effectively standardize the small micro-power operation, Tonglu is issued on the basis of the "36 Tonglu County Village-level Small Minus", The "level of supervision" of the village has further deepened the construction of honesty and rural construction, 新爱上海龙凤论坛 strengthens the supervision and restriction of small micro-power operations in villages to revitalize the village revitalization. "The activity of ‘level supervision" will run throughout the year, in some township villages in the county.

Hong Ru Village is the first pilot village of Tonglu to carry out this event. Since then, the Tonglu County Discipline Inspection Commission will come to the village every quarter to further strengthen the supervision and restrict of grassroots mini power, and open the last kilometer of the village-level tip supervision. "In this way, the supervision of the county-level discipline committee has effectively solved the urgent problem of township (street) and villages’ people paying attention to concern, so that the supervision perspective is more comprehensive, more thorough, and makes the masses more smooth." " Supervision "The Six Group of Fang Fang Yi is expressed in the six groups. "’Grade Supervision’ Let the Village Party Organization ‘" one hand "always tighten the string of the cure and promote the implementation of the subject’s responsibility of the grassroots party organization.

"Introduction to the Secretary of the Old County Street Commission," "Working in the ‘level supervision", the street discipline will combine local actual, deepen the discipline team’ one-on-one guidance work mechanism ‘, combined with’ There is no three visits to create, Liancun leaders, resident team leaders and contact villages’ discipline teams, implementation mechanisms for visiting the village.

At the same time in the village group, attending the week, the residential, project, sporadic, poverty alleviation, and benefit farmers policy, etc.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).