China’s bicycle go into Europe – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Recently, the pace of European multi-country compound production is accelerating, and the local people have greatly increased the demand of bicycles.

With high cost performance and efficient supply capabilities, China’s production bikes have recently sold in Europe to meet the travel needs during the 上海干磨网 prevention and control of new crown pneumonia. "The epidemic has not been exactly complete.

Compared to other transportation methods, bicycles are environmentally friendly and lightweight and can maintain a certain social distance. It is being favored by more and more people. "Roman citizen Oris said," China’s production of bicycle is reliable, affordable, many people around them are in use.

爱上海同城论坛网址 According to the statistics of China’s Bicycle Association, China’s annual output of China’s annual sales is about 50%.

As of last year, China’s bicycle, electricity bicycle and electric bicycle exports have exceeded 1 billion vehicles, and entered 160 countries and regions around the world.

According to the data released by Alibaba’s cross-border electric business vending, compared with the same period last year, this year, AliExpress increased by more than 22 times in the Spanish market, in Italy, the British market increased around 4 times .

The Italian Veneto’s economic website reported that China’s bicycles have an important share in the market, and half of Italy is from Chinese manufacturers in the sale of bicycles.

Some of the bicycle subsidies issued by the European Government and encourage people to ride relevant policies, and also promoted the increase in bicycle sales. The Italian government has approved consumers who purchase bicycles to provide 60% of the "green" subsidies for bicycles. The maximum subsidy limit is 500 euros, and urban residents greater than 50,000 can enjoy this subsidy; the French government has developed 20 million euros. The fund plan provides traffic subsidies for 20 euros for cycling commuting, each person can also reimburse 50 euros bicycle repair costs; Germany Berlin municipal departments re-plan road signs, expand the temporary bicycle lane, limit motor vehicle drivers in bicycle Special road parking, etc.

"China’s bicycle industry chain is complete, the technology matures, production products have high price / performance ratio, quite merchants favorite." German Frankfurt’s bicycle shop owner Ismer Kaka said, bicycle and other "China Manufacturing" continued Exhaus all countries, in order to meet the needs of local people’s epidemic prevention and life, support countries have played an important role. Edit: Dong Yuji.