Tibet tax has been slowed over 19 million yuan

  The Territory Taxation Bureau visited the small and micro enterprises in the investigation of the manufacturing industry.

The map is provided by the Autonomous Region Tax Service to alleviate the management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry, support the development of enterprises, and promote the smooth operation of the industrial economy. Tibet tax system is actively deployed, point-to-point propaganda, sustained strength, ensuring that the extended policy should enjoy it in the middle and small enterprises in the whole region.

Up to now, the tax and fee is 10,000 yuan for the small and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises in our district, and the funds are relieved.

  Home-in-door counseling policy is sent to home "When the tax-based policy is introduced, the taxpoint will promote this policy. Just beginning, I really worry that I will have trouble, I am worried that it will produce a late payment.

However, the staff of the Taxation Bureau not only personally promoted, but also counted the declaration process, and they can declare the slow tax on the Electronic Tax Office without going out! "Tibet Mangkang County Tibetan Tibetan Wine Co., Ltd., in the help of the Minudian Tax Office of the State Administration of Taxation, the successful declaration of the finish taxation.

  It is reported that the tax authorities of Tibet Tax Systems have formulated a number of working groups to all eligible small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to conduct field visits, and will "send the law to the door", helping the enterprises through the difficulties, ease the corporate fund flow pressure. It also avoids the situation of retaining gold and influence of enterprise credit rating due to overdue.

  "At the end of the year, the company has a large turnover. The tax payment policy is really ‘Snow, which is equivalent to providing a lot of liquidity to our business." "Lhasa Ming Kaifeng Metal Decoration Co., Ltd. The small and medium-sized enterprise pays for some tax and fee policies, filled with happiness. "Because of the epidemic in the past two years, it has been influenced in almost every session of orders, procurement, production, delivery, and our corporate fund turnover pressures, today’s slow-tax policy can let us have sufficient funds to solve problems at hand.

"The conversion policy has helped the company to relieve the pressure of funds to a certain extent, to give the company to boost the morale, improve the market competitiveness. Promote the wide range of multi-wheel drive to help the industry, the tax authorities at all levels in the implementation process, according to Unified standard, clear scope, simplifying the process, accurate landing principles, further improve mechanism, refine measures, find out the number, comprehensive policy, coordinate linkage, forming a joint force, ensuring the direct implementation of the policy, follow the tax The General Administration "four lists", classification, "one-on-one" to do a good job of taxpayers, and ensure that the payment work is fully implemented.

  At the same time, in the inside of the tax authorities, it is necessary to latency in the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises to delay some taxes, scope proportions, time, process, etc. in the fourth quarter of 2021, to ensure that 12366, tax service department and other service personnel Accurately master the provisions and process of delaying taxes and fees, and the relevant consultants are accurately and efficiently resolved according to the unified caliber. Through telephone, website, WeChat, SMS, Electronic Taxation Bureau, on-site visit, etc. to fully promote policies, counseling reminders, and ensure that the tax payment policy should be delayed. Empress precise counseling to ensure that you should enjoy it.

  "In October, the first three quarters of corporate income tax R & D fees plus deductible policy, and in November, the manufacturing small and medium-sized micro-enterprise delayed the payment of some tax and fees, the national tax and fee policy is really better and better, tax The bureau ‘Yagu is’! "A taxpayer who was running the tax payment business in the taxation hall smiled.

  Tibet tax system strives to highlight policy temperature in actual actions, ensuring that it is not discounted to fully implement tax and fees, in this cold winter, the warmth of "taxation" will be sent to thousands of households, and they will deliver "escort" for poor policies. .

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