True "in"!Henan 5 years of business environment should enter the national first-party array – attend attendance of the 11th Party Congress of Henan Province to discuss the review

"In these years, Anyang has a comprehensive pressure reduction of political affairs service, 2251 leads or holds the level of the national advanced city level; the approval time limit of engineering construction projects is the shortest province, enterprises open the ‘one-day to do, some investmentProject Realization ‘On the day of the day, the license’ … "On October 29, in the first part of the 11th Party Congress of Henan Province, he talked about the optimization of the business environment.

The report of the 11th Party Congress in Henan Province has put forward the goal of striving to achieve in the next five years, which clearly has a major breakthrough in key link reforms in key areas, and the business environment has entered the national first-party array, the high standard market system basicsBuilt, the market entity is more energetic, effective market and more combined with the government.

This highlights the determination of Henan aiming "the whole", but also reflects the continuous enhanced soft power in Henan. Not long ago, Henan Province 2020 Annual Environmental Assessment results announced that the business environment has steadily rising, and the national session is steadily improved, and the whole country is in the middle of the country. In terms of Henan, how to steadily moved to the Henan business environment into the national first-party array? Some Party representatives surround reports, speaking, understanding, and development. The high-quality development business environment is soft strength and the new pattern of hard support for international and economic and social development. Henan should want to achieve straight sprint, corner overtaking, change the lead, must build their own development advantages and foundations.

The business environment is a vital soft environment, and the hard support of the high-quality construction of modern Henan, high-level realization of modern Henan. The representative of He Jie, director of the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial party and provincial governments, the province has struggled to optimize the business environment as a major project, strategic basic project, and focus on "six most" business environment. In a sound mechanism, improve the policy, and actively promote the promotion of the provincial business environment, as of the end of September, the province has reached 10,000 households, and the year-on-year growth is the country. 5 digits, the middle of the middle. He Xiong said, the next step, Henan will focus on the deployment requirements of the 11th Party Congress, adhere to the business environment evaluation and the construction of two-hand arrest, continue to deepen the "ventilation costume" reform, and fully implement the State Council "optimization The Environmental Ordinance of the Business Environment, "The Environmental Ordinance of Henan Province", continuously carry out the province’s domain business environment evaluation, promoting the evaluation of excellence, promoting excellent, implement key fields, to improve the reform and innovation, Building a batch of provincial business environment demonstration cities (districts), strengthening the illegal case investigation and treatment of business environment, and creates a comfortable, warm heart, and peace of mind for the market entities.

All localities have to optimize the business environment "Upgraded Edition" continuously emerged in the business environment into the national first-party array to include the report of the party congress, will provide a solid support for Henan investment promotion and "project as the king" concept. For local governments, continuously optimize innovation policy services, and maintain the long-term and stability of the system, there is a good foundation for participating in the local competition. The governor of Anyang City said that in recent years, Anyang City has been optimizing the business environment as a major engineering, strategic basic project, solid-disciplined business environment evaluation indicators, especially surrounding the "venting costume" reform It has great efforts to improve government affairs efficiency. In the future, Anyang City will continue to put the optimized business environment in prominent position, insisting on solving the problem of solving the market as a constant theme, putting the cultivation of the market as an eternal goal, target domestic first-class, control market main body and social public I hope, further replenish the short board, solid-bottom plate, excellent service, improvement efficiency, especially in implementing the "Anyang City Government Service Ordinance", and pre-planning in the simultaneous decentralization, accurate supervision, elements guarantee, reform pilot, etc. Highlight, to create an "upgraded version" "innovative version" that optimizes the business environment, start "Anyang’s most safe" business service brand. Representative Liu Wenxiang, secretary of the Dance Steel Municipal Party Committee, said that the Wugang City will take the optimized business environment as a "one reform project". Fully implement a one-time office, normalization to carry out the "10,000 people to help 10,000" activities, fully implement the right office, earnestly help companies solve reasonable demands, and strive to create a pro-cleaning government relationship. Increase how taxes, financing, logistics, elements, and mechanisms "five-down cost" are increased. Improve the one-stop service operation mechanism of investment projects, implement regional assessments, create a "standard floor + commitment system", realize the land, and accept the test. Highlight the market entity, innovate the "six platforms" construction such as the industry to undertake, scientific and technological innovation, and promote optimized business environment to continue to go in the forefront of the province.

Get a full business activity is steadily enhanced "The ecological environment is good, the birds are voting with wings; the business environment is not good, the business will vote with your feet." This sentence, vividly explain the business environment Attracting the importance of enterprises.

After three consecutive years of evaluation, Henan business environment continued to improve, and the active activity is steadily enhanced, and the business satisfaction continues to improve.

He Jun, the senior vice president of Zhengzhou Xin Daxie Information Technology Co., Ltd., said Zhengzhou, Jinshui District vigorously supports the development of Kobodyn enterprises, and has given strong support in the construction of the company equity financing, car grade safety chip test production base, Assisted a number of issues that have been listed and developed by the company.

"Especially for 10,000 people have helped the business environment, the business environment has put a step, which provides strong support for our high-end cocibo talents.

"The general manager of China Electrical Equipment Pinggao Group also shared his feelings. He said that these years have obviously feel that the business environment is rapidly improvement, and the company’s procedures are getting more and more simple. The government’s active service awareness is getting stronger. And the service attitude is getting better and better.

"As a company, we are very warm!" "Now the government is equipped with a full-time staff to each company, commonly known as enterprise ‘shop small two’, weekly, the key project work will be held, responsible for coordinating the problem of enterprise difficulties!" Henan Guangyuan new materials Representative of Li Zhiwei, chairman of the company, said that in such a good environment, the company is full of strength, striving to achieve production capacity during the "14th Five-Year Plan", further expanding the high-end market share, becoming a leading enterprise, in order to achieve the province ", Contributing the power of industrial front.

On October 29, the eleventh party generation will be successfully concluded in Henan Province. The representatives of horses don’t stop, and I will stand on the future five years. The blueprint has been fixed and futures. Henan is striding in the hot soil of first-class business business. (Editor – in: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Share let more people see the recommended reading.