The warm and efficient details are filled with 1649 primary school students in Wuchang one day and a half to complete the vaccination work.

1649 primary school students in the Jingdian Street, Wuchang District, complete the vaccination work in the primary school.

Streets and schools are subject to the elimination of students panic, prevent people from gathering, reasonably set inoculation channels, reducing medical staff burden, alleviating students waiting anxiety. Specially made a vaccination publicity, in advance, propaganda in the classroom and parent group, to answer questions for students and parents; in the inoculation process, by setting different color bracelets, the inoculum and inoculating channels, guidelines, and identify clear. The channel is closed to prevent students from walking; in the inoculation room, the screen is separated, avoiding the inoculation process causes students discomfort and panic; also playing a popular animation short film from the study area to reduce the anxiety emotions of the children; in order to reduce the medical staff Burden, specialize in the medical seating area.

These pieces of detail are set to effectively avoid the panic emotions that inoculate students. The entire vaccination work is in an orderly, students highly cooperated, and only 1 or a half passes, 1649 primary school students all successfully completed inoculation.

This vaccination is a concrete manifestation of the grain street, chess board street elementary school.

The relevant person in charge of Chessboard Street Primary School said: "We will continue to do a good job in the management and health monitoring of vaccination students, escort students’ healthy growth!" (Photo / Wen Wang Yu Yu) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Share Let more people see the client download.