This list of Olympics is announced! 670 students in our province have placed list!

Finally released! Just 2021 National High School Mathematics League Fujian Division plans to win a list of award-winning students! The list of two lists is publicized – the 37th National Middle School Mathematics Winter Operation Camp Qualification Student is also 17 people in the provincial team students! 2021 National High School Mathematics League List Fujian Division is 670 people! Among them, Lu Yipeng, who came from Fujian Normal University, became a 2021 national training team member directly entering the 37th National Middle School Student Mathematics Winter Camp. 17 people entered the provincial team Fuzhou people are far ahead, in 17 provincial team members, Fuzhou 11 people, 2 people in Xiamen, 2 people in Quanzhou, 2 people in Putian.

Fujian Master’s large school students account for 9 seats, exceeding half of the province.

Among them, Fujian Masters (9 people) Fuzhou No. 1 Middle (1 person) Fuzhou Sanzhong (1 person) Xiamen 1 (1 person) Xiamen double ten (1 person) Quanzhou Wuzhong (1 person) Quanzhou Experimental Middle School (1 person) Putian No. 1 (1 person) Xianyou No. 1 (1 person) This 17 province team will participate in the 2021 National Middle School Mathematical Olympic Competition (final) on December 19th to 25th, 21 and 22 days two days On the day, the last day is closed. Location Affiliated Middle School in Fujian Normal University.

67 people were "provincial one" Fujian Master’s large number of people in the Taiwan Strait Education News reporter, and 67 people who have been "provincial one", including 18 students in the list of students, the number of people. Seven people in Quanzhou, 7 people in Xiamen Double. The specific number of people is worth mentioning that after the physical provincial festival harvest, the Fujian Master has a great harvest in several competitions! Finally, let’s take a look at the specific list 2021 National High School Mathematics League Fujian Division won the first three-level list publicity congratulations! ! ! .