The police of the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province, Cheng Lhenghua

On the morning of October 4th, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, mourning the hall, pulling the lowlands, sorrow, solemn, solemn, the public security bureau of the Qiuxi County Public Security Bureau, the police station, the police station, was held here. Cheng Lhenghua’s relatives, more than 300 people, such as friends, comrades, colleagues, etc. came to send him the last journey. On October 1, Cheng Lhenghua goros were on duty. Linyi police station received nearly 20 police love, and he took the team to handle the gap of the police and went to the household to visit more than 20 households.

At 13:50 pm on October 2, he felt uncomfortable heart, was sent to Xixi County Hospital for treatment, after more than one hour rescue, eventually due to rescue, at 16:57, at 16:00, only 52 years old. After the comrades of Cheng Lhenghua, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government main leaders, the Ministry of Public Security, the Provincial Public Security Department, Huaibei Municipal Party Committee, and the leaders of the Municipal Government made instructions, indicating and expressed their pain.

The provincial, municipal, county three-level public security organs and the city county party committees, the government first go to Cheng Shenghua Comrade’s home condolence, guidance, arrangement of pensions and afterwards.

Cheng Lhenghua, male, member of the Communist Party of China, born in June 1969, the third-level sheriff of the Pai Dynasty, July 1989, January 1989, in January 1987, in Beidaihe, in September 1993 Entering the public security organs as the worker, in September 2006, it was transferred to the people’s police. On September 27, 2007, he served as a member of the Papers, and 2010 won the county bureau award, 2020 was rated as "outstanding civil servants".

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