Reward, the season, Chongqing Taiwan, Give a popular

Flowers to open Chongqing Taiwan.Chongqing Taiwan Wenyuan is known, Chongqing Taiwan is in the "Jiangdong Huang and Tourism Agriculture Industrial Belt" in Chongqing., Sufficient sunshine.The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Taiwan, introduced that the park adheres to the development positioning of "Yumai Exchange and Development, Country Revitalization Test, Far Brosent Integration", focusing on modern characteristic leisure agriculture, agricultural high-tech achievements, to create special gardening and floral seedlings exhibitionThe modern agricultural tourist scenic spot is the mainstay of the viewing, and the city, the city, the city, the urban city, the city, the urban city, the urban, the city, have formulated tourism, research and development, and planting demonstrations.

(Liu Zhengning, Xie Jiajie) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).