Thanks to the new listing of Yesalen Polartec Series, gather in the world’s strength to create a top product

The famous golf clothing brand in China is more powerful to join hands with Yellefen and the world’s cutting-edge outdoor technology fabrics.

A Yinlen Polartec series is listed in the market, which is also the fourth consecutive year in 2018 to introduce the Polartec series. Historical US Maldenmills invented the world’s first cashmere, named Polartec, this fabric is light, soft, warm and warm, etc., is a space-free thermal technology, creating hard regeneration The system has a comprehensive defense against the cold wave. The new Polartec series is designed to provide customers with higher quality high-end clothing products for customers who have higher requirements for clothing warm functions and comfort wearing, and also send warm people to the cold, bringing winter days. More comfortable luxury experience. It can be seen that Pereffen adheres to the three high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-tech and innovative research and development philosophy. From the comfortable wearing, powerful function, then highlighting the high-level sense, pursuing higher taste and quality, is inseparable from the persistence of Yueffen, and gathered around the world, do every piece clothes. High-tech female fabric has become a new darling of the times. In order to better cater to the current trend, bring the ultimate wear experience to consumers, which has been committed to maintaining close cooperation with top fabric suppliers around the world, and striving for global groups, making high quality clothes. And wearing, but also guaranteed a smooth and delicate touch; in addition, more in the world’s cloth Gore-Tex, using the light, thin, rugged and durable technology fabric with waterproof and ventilation and wind resistance, bringing consumers more High-tech warm protection & hellip; & hellip; It can be said that it is going to the global luxury brand than Yoeffen, which has already penetrated the brand and product high-quality, high-tech, etc., and is favored by users.