Tonglu County "Red Zunyi" seven-in-law preview

Wai School Street Center School, Tiger Peak Primary School Teacher Wang Xu Xiaoyang tells "Recalling Qin Qi · Lushanuan".

"On the new era, there are many ‘Snow Mountain’ ‘Grassland’ needs to span, and there are many ‘Lushan Guan’ ‘Laizikou’ needs to conquer. We will use the" industrial prosperity, ecological livable, township Civilization, governance is effective, life rich "is the total requirements, with ‘industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization, organizational revitalization’ for specific starters, consolidate the effectiveness of rustic and rural revitalization, struggling to take the new era Long Zun Road, in order to achieve the high-quality development of Tonglu, "said Sun Dafe, director of the county rural Zhenxing Bureau. "It’s too shocking, a wonderful story, happiness, is moving, it is a washing of the soul, especially the story of the" Red Army Director’s blood to dyed Long Mountain "deeply touched me, the division of theistors used blood to create a belief. Life is a faith, loyalty to the party, not negative.

Qin Jie, the General Secretary of the Party Party of the Sea School, said that as a Communist Party member, a educator, will not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and pick up the "long stroke road" , Write a new chapter in education.