Recently, most of Qinghai Province will have a cold wave weather.

  The reporter learned on November 4th, according to the latest forecast of Qinghai Province, it is estimated that from November 5th to 7th, Qinghai Province will have a cold wave in the east, and there will be cooling, blowing weather, and some areas will have snowfall weather. The average temperature in the north and eastern regions will fall from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, and the local land drop is 12 degrees Celsius.

  The forecast shows that the temperature rise mainly occurs from 6 to 7, and the temperature in the northern region will create a new low in the second half of this year, and the local may break through the Historical Simple Values.

Most of Xining City, the northern part of Haidong City, and most of the Hebei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will have a large snow, the Qaidam Basin, and the Youth Sea Lake area is 6 to 7 to the west wind, and the local area is accompanied by dust, and there are 4 To 5-level metastasis. Meteorologists reminded that the average temperature in the northern region of Qinghai Province has fallen sharply, and the precipitation is mainly concentrated in Xining, Haidong and Haibei, will have short-time road snow and ice phenomenon. It is recommended to do it. Good transportation, facility agriculture, and animal husbandry protection work, preventing adverse effects in snowfall, cooling weather. At the same time, due to the large temperature rise, the open-air nucleic acid testing will have adverse effects, and the medical workers and the people pay attention to cold and warm, do a good job in respiratory diseases.

Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau will closely monitor the change of the weather, and promptly release forecasting warning service information, and do meteorological services.

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