Street, secretary, journey, Pan Xin: Dedicated to the new bureau struggle

Pan Xin, secretary of the Party Work Committee of Dongguan Street, Jinan City, Jinan, Jinan, 2021, Dongguan Street, Jinan City, resolutely implemented new deployment, new requirements, adhere to the leadership of the party building, and practical Improve people’s livelihood, fight in the construction of modern international first-class urban construction. Unswervingly grasp.

As a number one project, we will help the Dongguan Street block update project, use the three-plastic film area development, Minghu East Road – Huayuan Road area urban update, etc., focus on planning a batch of good projects, strong industries, speed up Promote the transformation of idle carriers in the jurisdiction, to create a new support point for economic growth; optimize the project service team, fully guarantee total investment of 4 billion yuan, 350,000 square meters of 3 projects accelerate advance, and achieve the influence of the area as soon as possible.

Thousands of bangsheng people.

Deeply integrate various platform construction, improve the "1 + 4" social governance system, promote the "love" brand of "love", and optimize the psychological counseling of Freda, Bo Kang and other social psychological counseling, driving "square room" Co-construction projects, etc. Concentrate strength and strong party building. Around 15 minutes of life circle, renovate new ten party building services station and ten new era civilization practice living room; expand the volunteer "cultivate chain", form a hundred party members volunteer service team, and cultivate "Yi Qi Lear" "泺 + +", etc. Hundreds of volunteer service projects; do "red lead" project, explore the "3341" work ideas, build the "red matrix" of the grassroots party organization, promote the party construction work and the center task, with excellent results to join the 100th anniversary! (Editor: Gongxue, Xing Manhua).