The "cold air" effect of the Middle East is about to pull up with the highest temperature to fall "fold"

"Correction" – About this weekend sweeping the cold air of my country, you will see this word in the first two days of essay.

Simply, this cold air has a wide range of air, but compared to the first half of the cold wave, the strength is general, its main role is to pull the temperature of the Middle East with high height of the same period, so that the temperature is gradually Restoring to the same period of the same period of the same period and even lower.

Give you a "National Average Temperature Tour]" National Temperature Temperature Network "to see the National Climate Center. From December 1st to 10th, the high temperature in Northeast and North China is relatively obvious, and the cold in Northeast is particularly obvious. But you shouldn’t read this cold air, because it still has strength to let you freeze it, shake three shakes! The central meteorological station is expected to be affected by cold air. At 20:00 on 11th, 08, the temperature in the central and eastern region will fall 4 ° C ~ 6 ° C, among which central China, China is mostly cold, 8 ° C ~ 10 ° C, The local land is 12 ° C or more; in the middle and east of Inner Mongolia, some parts of the Northeast, Qinghai and other places have 4 to 5 major winds, gusts 6 to 8. Next Monday morning, the ice line will be promoted to the junction of Sichuan, and the northern part of Hubei is in the southern Susun.

Tomorrow’s day in the morning, most of the "cold air" in most parts of the Middle East, the temperature will reach the recent trough, in recent days, the highest temperature is generally downstream of the Yangtze River in 15 ° C ~ 20 ° C, the highest temperature will drop tomorrow. Under 10 ° C, cold and cool. Many largest temperatures are almost "pair of folding", such as Beijing: Today, C. Tomorrow 4 ° C; Nanchang cooling is also more obvious, today ° C → tomorrow 14 ° C.

However, for the partners in South China, because the location is too "south", it may not be much fluctuations in temperature.

However, the temperature drop of this wave cold air is very short, and the temperature will gradually rebound next Monday, the temperature trend is as spring, and it will return to the highly high basic state.

As for the precipitation, tomorrow northern snowfall quickly converge, and there is still a small rain in the eastern part of the Southwest China.

Next Monday, this round of cold air leaves, most of the country turned into sunny or cloudy weather, and the north will become dry, and the hydrating equipment remembers ~ from the medial forecast of the Central Meteorological stage, there will be medium in the next week. Strengthening cold air affects most parts of my country, continue to pay attention ~ Mid this month, the Northwestern Pacific will have a typhoon generation, which may affect the South China Sea. (Editor: Rona, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.