Reduce the entry threshold to stimulate market vitality

Original title: Reduce the entry threshold to stimulate market vitality "Online registration system provides industry words, the company name is quickly approved." On November 11th, Ms. Wu Ming District in Nanning City successfully obtained the local government service center business license.

"In the past, someone often took four or five names to ask, and now the online declaration is clear.

"At the Nanning City, Nanning City, Nanning City, the provisional registration pilot reform news blowing, said Li Shanqin, director of the Nanning Market Supervision Administration. Since the study of party history, the Nanning City Market Supervision Bureau has focused on the difficult point of the development of enterprises. Blockpoint problem, solidly promotion "I do practical things for the masses", carry out the enterprise name "Daily", housing and business places separation registration, optimize the project reform of cross-regional migration in the enterprise, further reduce market subject matter Getting to the door, promote the public entrepreneurship, stimulate market vitality. In order to improve the name registration, the department will optimize the company name independent declaration rules, upgrade the company name online registration system, and implement meetings The company name "Daily is". At present, the city has already experienced the "acceleration" brought about by 10,000 new enterprises.

Among them, the company name independently declared by 95%, which increased by 30% before the reform. Through optimizing the registration process of the enterprise across the region, the applicant only needs to submit an application, a set of materials, and the time saves time saves 6 days. Since the implementation of measures, 7612 companies have enjoyed the efficient and convenientness of "one application".

In addition, in order to facilitate enterprises to expand their operating scale, the department explores the time and cost of "a multi-site" reform in the jurisdiction, saving the expansion of enterprise network points.

At present, 297 companies have been processed by "one photo" related business.

According to statistics, as of October 31, this year, the main volume of the Nanning market was universal, the year-on-year increased, the newly registered market main body, the year-on-year increased%; the market main memory ran first, continued to lead the whole area.

(Reporter / Lu Hai Feng correspondent / He Zhengjun).