Time model · Army’s 83nd group army "red"

The Army’s 83rd Group Army "Red" advanced deeds triggered a warm reaction in the majority of cadres and masses, especially the military officers and men.Everyone is unanimous to express the example of "Redness" as an example, with high political consciously brings a hundred years of glorious history, promoting the greatness of the great borders, exciting pounds, create new results in the new rushing road, writing a new chapter.In the peaceful age, when the smoke of the war is far away, the awareness of the Army’s 83rd Group Army "Red" officers and soldiers has never faded, the idea of preparing for the war has never slanting, the action of the training will never stagnate, always keep "to fight at any time."The battle state of the whole time.

"The quality is hard, and the party is a party", this is a slogan called the "Red" Party Branch.

On the people’s army, what is the most precious, most needless?What is it, let a company have been strong in the 94 years of wind and rain?In the past in 1994, "Hongyi" has taken the actual action to use the actual actions: it is a red gene, red tradition.