Urumqi: City Yisheng, people’s heart

Just in the past 2020, Urumqi’s excellent days reached 279 days, with an average concentration of 47 micrograms per cubic meter, down 6% year-on-year, and a new year. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Urumqi’s atmospheric environment continued to improve, which has long been rid of "bottom" hat.

Behind the results, is the most stringent system.

Urumqi has introduced the "one package" regulatory environmental pollution, from the division of responsibilities, discussions, compensation systems, etc., promoted the standardization and rule of law of Urumqi ecological environmental protection. In just a few years, people found that the smoke of people in the winter disappeared, "Japanese blue sky, night stars". More gratifying is that the original bare ridiculous mountains around Urumqi, gradually growing trees covered. Li Ce witnessed the "green miracle" of Yamarik Mountain. His father Li Zudai is the old staff of the Shayibak District garden team. When Middle School, Li Ce often accompanied his father on the mountain tree.

"The mountain road is steep, the car is not going, I and my father on the water on the mountain.

"Today, Li Ce is the Technical Technician of Shayibak District Garden Team, which is reasonably equipped with plant varieties, anti-season plants, to secondary soil, automated irrigation, and their generations have more technology content.

"Now the water is only tapped with a mouse." During the "13th Five-Year Plan", there were 28 ridiculous mountains and build a river lake.

Up to now, there have been 1248 green spaces in the city and the streets, 134 small greenways, the green coverage of the construction zone is reachable, the urban ecological environment and the living environment are significantly improved. From January 23 to 24, Urumqi lowered the strongest blizzard since this year, the new snow covered snow thickness was nearly 20 cm. In the face of Blizzard, the Urumqi sanitation department launches the highest level of savings plan, sweeps the snow, snow, Yang Xue synchronous, multi-function clears, in addition to the ice car, roller, snow machine, push plate, slippery More than 10 kinds of snow-on-snow mechanical

Frequent snowfall weather in winter is "adding" to residents, this is a common trouble in northern cities. In the past, Urumqi’s traditional snowfall is to press "Pause", and the traffic control of the main roadway is used. The use of people’s sea warfare on the street, which not only affects the normal operation of the city, but also interferes with the normal work and life of the residents.

In 2011, Urumqi was first proposed in the northern city, changing the traditional artificial snow model, transforming mechanized snow, all motorized lanes in the main urban area achieved mechanized snow. Li Tao, Director of the Sanitation Department of the Urumqi City Administration (Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau), said that today’s urban snow has been upgraded from the snow to "not a snow", throughout the winter, the snow power is always in contact with the meteorological department, timely Master meteorological changes, targeted to arrange clear-sweeping machinery and personnel, and play the maximum effect of human-machine combining the snow. In the past 10 years, the Qingxue model "that is, the snow, the snow is closed" has been continuously improved in Urumqi. Once the snowfall weather, the snow is mechanical circulation, the snow is not stopped, and the snow is not limited. After the main road is completed, the sailing power is transferred in time to the secondary road, roadway, community, ensuring that the snow is cleaned in the shortest time. The scientific, refined, so that Urumqi people feel convenient for Urumqi people.

Some of the foreigners first arrived in the city, and they were surprised to "the Qing Dynasty, the snow is closed".

The indignificance of the community infrastructure has influenced the landscape and function. It is the trouble of many old residents. From 2017, Urumqi launched the largest, most widened old town (shanty towns), and residents change from "living" to "live in eating".

In 2020, Urumqi has improved the implementation of more than 5,000 sets of old housing.

Multi-layer residential installation elevators in 88 communities, benefiting more than 6,500 residents. The residents of the community lamented: "Just like moving a new home!" At the same time, Urumqi put into real gold and silver, launched a "one old" action. Since 2018, Urumqi City launched "nurturing project", free to issue milk for 300,000 students in the city from 0 to 6 years ago, and increased 300 yuan "warm heart red envelopes for the elderly in 80 years old."

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Urumqi launched a series of community pension benefits, some communities introduced professional pension service, carry out pilot work of home and community pension services, providing the elderly to provide day care, dietary supply, cultural entertainment, health Management and other services.

In 2020, Urumqi has opened 40 social elderly day care centers (stations) to meet the diversified and personalized pension needs of the elderly.

Precision to solve the people’s worries, stem from the smoothness of the people.

Urumqi has launched people’s livelihoods for three consecutive years, and continues to increase the improvement of people’s livelihood. Xiao Yongdong, member of the party group, secretary-general, and office party secretary of the people’s government in Urumqi, introduced that in 2020, Urumqi received a total of 99036 views, more than three times higher than 2019, and the number of public participation rates, and the number of suggested suggestions were greatly improved.

The two sessions of the Urumqi City held in mid-January, this year, the top ten practical practical things "has been determined, including new parking berths, street rectification, new community pension service facilities, etc., these ten practical things are from public collection Survey in the proposal of public comments.

Xu Hairong, member of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Xu Hairong, secretary of the Urumqi Municipal Party Committee, said that Urumqi will insist on the simplicity of the people, improve the in-depth practice of people’s livelihood, consistently, with the top ten practical things of people’s livelihood, solve the key small things that are most concerned about the masses. , Effectively send the warmth of the party and the government to thousands of households.