Qinhuangdao Beidaihe carried out the urban and rural environment "Hundred Days of Action"

People Shijiazhuang, December 9 electricity "all the villagers to pay attention to it! Taking advantage of good weather, big guy regarded their houses neatly packed, clean up bad piece of children reported to the village, we find a way.

"December 7, Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao Po Tau Bluffs Lancun loudspeakers broadcast began.

"This time, the town of village cadres, the people are mobilized, the masses of party members take the lead in praise, along with party members and the people dry, strength in numbers!" Speaking of changes in the environment in the village, the villagers have mixed feelings, "less garbage outside the house, weed did not, and the road seemed wider than before! "this winter, Beidaihe District continued to strengthen urban and rural living environment management around the comprehensive improvement of urban areas, rural environment, river and lake water management, road transport special rectification, first-class international tourist attractions shoreline remediation, urban management and operational intelligence 6 large plates, subdivided into 90 specific content focused on urban and rural environment improvement "Days of action", to build Beidaihe high benchmark for urban and rural environment, and strive to build livable industry should visit city first demonstration area. In the comprehensive improvement of urban areas, urban roads washed totaled 45 million square meters, about 800 square meters of land remediation bare, clean up all types of building enclosure surrounding tons of garbage, repair sidewalks 950 square meters, 910 meter extension curbs, sidewalks plate hook conservation slit 530 m2, 3 sets of replacement water wells Bi, mushroom mosaic road wall 7, wall plate 11 of granite.

Qingtao rainwater collection wells 30, dredging more than 150 cubic meters, standardized management muck truck about 320 motorcycles were demolished more than 30 illegal plaque, designed to enhance at 27.

In the rural environment remediation, dispatched a total staff of more than 3,000 people, out excavators, dump trucks, tractors and other vehicles about 640 times, a total clean up all types of construction waste, garbage, stacking firewood, etc. about 6800 cubic meters, clearing the lane operating more than 500 times, Sidaluanjian five demolition, demolition area of 1,700 square meters.

Through advocacy, go from village households publicity, etc., to further expand the garbage propaganda, issued 1600 households classified trash, classification trash Chunnong Hu 1800, increasing household garbage classification knowledge, help the masses to develop good garbage Habit.

In terms of river and lake water governance, service center run by the river, wearing administrator River New River, Peach Meng main canal and Bull Cliff water station consisting of a total of more than 20 river management support team, patrol the area every day river tributary, pond.

Up to now, a total of more than 450 personnel dispatched patrol river trips, river patrol 660 times and found eight problems to solve at 8. Dispatched a total of 266 passengers, six times excavators, trucks 30 trips, a boat, a total of floating debris salvage and clean-up dry rushes, reeds total of 1854 cubic meters. In terms of regulation of special road traffic, road side ditches within the focus on cleaning up accumulated garbage, road surfaces national and provincial trunk highways, county damaged to repair. Total removal of the offending banner of urban and rural primary and secondary roads more than 90, the current total of 1584 people out maintenance staff, maintenance vehicles 213 times, and clean up 20,000 cubic meters of snow, leaves 34 cubic meters, 65 cubic meters of garbage; repair curbs extend 39 meters , to extend the wall 5 meters, the water grate 2, warning pile 2, repair railing 8 meters. Cleanup Haining Road, 228 State Road, Highway 108, the new River Road, high-speed wire, Sea Road and other main roads on both sides of all kinds of rubbish about 500 cubic meters. In terms of scenic shoreline remediation, clear focus on tourist routes and other parts of the accumulation of garbage, clean up all kinds of dead ends unleavened dough.

Tourism Bureau within the SMG system tourist scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, cultural venues dispatched a total staff of more than 1,000 people, clear the snow at more than 60 tourism and cultural sites, repair landscape sketch, the boardwalk at the tourist cities such as furniture 19. Pigeon nest, strange Tower and a total clean-up of various types of construction, 155 cubic meters garbage, debris clean-up firewood 480 m3, 800 m3 of garbage seaweed.

In the wisdom of urban management and operational aspects, in November 305 cases of digital urban management, have all gone through. November 25 –12 2 April, received a total of 43 cases of digital city management, processed and reported 35, is being processed 8.

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