Ruisi is a moment in Zhejiang: I understand the "colorful Jiaxing" under Shenzhou University.

  100 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party set sail from Jiaxing South Lake, writing the magnificent chapter in the history of national renewing history. At the time of the 100-year party, Jiaxing once again became the focus of attention.

Her color is more and more well known.

According to Xinhua Ruixi System Monitoring, since recent hours, the information on "Jiaxing" has been as high as 415502.

Among them, November 29 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 33582.

Netizens’ emotional expression of Jiaxing is mostly "happy" "music". Weibo topic # 和 国 # # 阅 量 高 万, in the message sector, many netizens have full of screens, "Multicolored Jiaxing, every color is showing the charm of this city!" Jiaxing, new journey, new vision! "… Recently, the integrated media series reported by Xinhua News Agency Zhejiang Branch and Xinhuanet" Shenzhou Answer | Red Boat’s Warm Colorful Painting "triggered between networks.

This group of reports of comprehensive text, pictures, mg animations, posters, etc., with Jiaxing multicolored pen, and launched a unique historical status and practical significance, let us see a different Jiaxing.

  "Shenzhou Answers | Red Boats, Airlines, Future" series reports fully use Xinhuanet all ports and heads important platform for full-dimensional focus and promotion, and achieve good communication results.

According to statistics, as of now, "Shenzhou Answers | Red Boats Navigation Floor Colorful Future" series reported by the People’s Daily, Zhejiang online nationwide media, especially Jiaxing local media, almost all media form ports, "brush screen The potential.

What is worth paying attention is that the group reported rapidly in Xinhuanet’s "two micro-1", in just a few days, Xinhuanet client clicks on the browse of 10,000 times; Xinhuanet Weibo reads over 330,000; Xinhua Net "This is Jiaxing!" "The reading volume exceeds 100,000 +."

  The color of the red and blue, Jiaxing is like the color of the rainbow, and the beautiful is very beautiful.

The most bright is the revolution "red" leading to the Red Boat spirit; the most active "blue" is based on innovation, the world is "blue"; the most weight is "cyan" with historical humanities; the most brilliant It is a life "golden" with a balanced rich feature; the most moving is "green" with the ecology of the show.

  Some netizens ask questions, is there some associations in the five colors of Jiaxing? In fact, the five colors of Jiaxing are not their own isolated, they complement each other and promote each other. South Lake, red boat. The red is the eternal nature of engraving in the land of South Lake.

This color is intriguing in the fire, giving people a powerful spiritual power.

Under this spiritual guide, Nanhu people have been unparalleled, hard work, and walk out of a balanced "gold" light avenue in the pursuit of a beautiful life path. Similarly, the "green" of Xiuzui is complementary and unable to be unable.

Nesting the nesting phoenix, flowers to the butterfly.

Under the intention of "green", "blue" color opportunity is surging high quality development.

Jiaxing since ancient times, Jiaxing is the "House of Silk, Fish], and the reputation of" Jiangdong and a major capital "is the birthplace of Majiabang culture, the birthplace of Confucianism culture.

The thick "humanity" shaped a township civilized South Lake, letting local residents enjoy colorful life.

  Zhang Bing, secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, said, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Jiaxing will realize the butterfly to transition, leaping. Painting a better future with the pen of "color", driving the butterfly to raise the butterfly. Five years later, Jiaxing will renew a new, reborn, realize gorgeous turns from the volume to the qualitative change, will let the outside world from the red ship to see the future of China’s future. A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, and the colorful Jiaxing reflects the handsome style of Shenzhou University.

This is Jiaxing, this is a beautiful man. Planning: Liao Xiaohua Monitor: Zhao Hai Xu Design: Chen Ying "Ruisi Light" (Zhejiang) is jointly produced by Xinhuanet Client, Xinhuanet University Data Center, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Channel, please specify the source.

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