Shaanxi Heyang Party History Learning "Move it, live, real"

"It’s great! I look forward to the party class video to continue to update." "I have to take the child to the Heyang Jiji Park to listen to the party lesson." … Recently, "Heyang Fusion official" shake account received a large number of netizens message. The account launched "Tao Qiyang Juanxin Park" 36 episode video, currently won more than 30 million playback, "circle powder" countless. In the video, the original vice president of the Hengyang County Party School, senior lecturer peaks walk in the Guan Yanyin Park, with grounding, combined with the current social life, and the development process of the Chinese Communist Party.

Netizens said: "We love to listen very much in the party class, and it is also very harvest.

"Heyang Juanxin Park is located in the rear village of Ganjing Town, Heyang County, Weinan City. It is the county party history education theme park. In June 2018, the planned construction area is 107 mu. The Chinese Communist Party of China is a big glory process. "From the spring 2017 Spring, I started to build, I participated in the content of the party history.

At present, the content exhibited in the park has been determined by many discussions, only for visitors to better understand the party history, inherit the red gene.

"On November 10, the peak told reporters. Since the deputy of the Heiyang County Party School "The school’s history is a lifetime for party members, and the party history is the cause of their own work." This year, the peak has talked about more than 400 scenes of the party class. Ten years old to 70 years old, many people comes from Shanxi, Xinjiang, etc., the most, the peak speaking four games.

For the high peak of the party history, he now, in the course of integration with more emotional integration, combining history with real life, according to the different listeners, "customization" courses, let the party history learn more close to the masses, more It is easy to be accepted by everyone.

"Please pay with me, we will come to review the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party of 100 Years today.

"Following the peak into the initial park, first seeing the micro scene of Zhejiang Jiaxing South Lake, a red ship is parked on the lake.

"The little red boat carries thousands, indicating China’s bright and hopes, opened the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party for a hundred years." Continue to travel, everyone is showing the two major, the four major scenes of the Communist Party of China Pretty station.

"In the face of the crazy slaughter of the enemy, it is a neck, or the Jedi counterattack? Communists have chosen the latter … At the 87 meeting, Comrade Mao Zedong puts forward the famous military arguments ‘guns from the political power’ …" listening Explain, watching the scene in front of you, everyone seems to return to that history, and more profoundly feel the red spirit.

Through the corridor, one building on the left is "flare", indicating that "the fire of the stars can be in the original". Subsequent two-story architecture in front of you, let everyone revisit the distressed years of difficulties.

"After the Zunyi Conference, the Chinese Workers’ Red Army began to continue the long protrusion.

The process of the Red Army’s long stringer is very difficult, and there is also a series of touching stories … "Follow the peak footsteps, everyone" re-evade the road ", fully understand the history, in-depth thinking and feelings." Standing in history new node On the past, look forward to the future, there is a strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, there is a close unity of all ethnic groups of all ethnic groups, and the goal of building a strong socialist modernization of socialist modernization must be realized. The Chinese dream of the Chinese nation must be realized! "The peak is firm, talking emotionally.

Behind the stone monument "Don’t forget the initial heart to continue" eight big characters shine. "Today’s explanation is refreshing, impressed.

Nowadays, the happy life is not easy, we have to cherish, but also contribute to social development.

"A visitors said.

However, the "popular" network of the party class is out of accident. In March this year, Heyang County fully carried out partial history education, the county’s integration media center released the peak in the initial park of the party and class to the official shake account. "I didn’t expect to play more than 1.9 million times in just a day, and more than 30,000 people were praised.

Many netizens give us a message in the background and hope to hear the full version of the party and class.

Zhang Zhichong, deputy editor-in-chief editor-in-chief editor of the Heyang County, told reporters. On April 22nd, the Heng County Party School of the United County Party School was filmed into full videos, and produced "Tao Qiyang Juanxin Park" collection is published online.

"The response is very good, the comment area is the historical and positive energy message." Zhang Zhidong smiled and told reporters. "Next, we will launch more quality content, continue to create a strong atmosphere of party history, leading Good to go up the social atmosphere. "(Our reporter Mu 骋).