Tsinghua University explores "colorful" physical education

Xinhua News Agency, November 15th: Tsinghua University attached to the imminent sports education Xinhua News Agency Wang Jiyu, in late October, the president of Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School, Wang Dianjun, suddenly became a net red.

A short video is forwarded in a circle of friends, praise, video title is: Tsinghua University of President Wang Dianjun: 90% of people are shallowed to children’s physical education.

In than two minutes, Wang Dianjun is frequent. I think many principals and educators have a special superficial to understand sports! Good body, don’t you engage in sports? Sports are full of accidents, and the results of the game are reflected in the influence of accidental factors. How to face the results of the game, behind the reflection is a person’s success and rule awareness.

Wang Dianjun told reporters that this video was originally that he received an interview with an interview in late August, and he did not expect such a big response in two months.

He said: Tsinghua has been taking the value of sports in sports, I have been thinking in this regard, and that interview is sent. Sports itself is education, sports have important educational function, physical exercise can improve physical fitness, enhance physical health, improve sports skills; sports have unique role in cultivating a person’s moral sentiment, implies natural moral education; It also stimulates multiple sensory coordinated development, promoting brain development; in addition, sports will release pressure, can regulate emotions, promote mental health development.

Wang Dianjun said.