Summarize experience, focus performance "Double High Plan" Construction Promotion Conference Held in Beijing

  The picture shows the "Double High Plan" Construction Promotion Site. The organizer is directed to the chart, and vocational education has entered an important historical opportunity, and the development of vocational education reform is unprecedented. The society’s attention is unprecedented about vocational education.

Higher vocational front There are two most valuable experience. First, the cause of career has always made a blueprint to paint in the end, and the second is to persist in the project and fuse. Currently, these two experiences are again aggregated in the "Double High Plan" construction.

  During different periods, the focus is different.

The national "model" construction solves "Is it" problem, the national "backbone" construction solves the "living life" problem, the national "quality school" construction solves the "good" problem, now the national "double college" construction Focus on "strong" problem. According to reports, since the implementation of the "Double High Plan", the construction mechanism has further clarified that through the two departments of the Ministry of Education jointly issued a series of documents, forming the "Double High" Construction Advisory Committee, establishing a performance management monitoring platform, etc. Design has made a comprehensive deployment; the capital investment is further increased, and the central finance is used in the "Double High Plan" transfer to pay 2.1 billion, which is equivalent to the total investment of the construction cycle of the model school. The construction of the construction will further appear, "double high" construction task The overall completion degree of the indicator reached%; the leading role is further played. At present, there are 24 provinces in the country to launch the provincial "double high plan", driving a large number of local high-level higher vocational schools and high-level professional group construction. The meeting also further requested that the "double colleges" should handle the "double high" construction and school pruning, current and long-term, comprehensive and characteristic, relative and absolute four-pair relationship. At the same time, the "Double High Plan" budget is in place, the fund usage is notified, from "Who comes to comment, when to comment, how to evaluate" "What is the evaluation result" and so on "Double High Plan" Performance Management has put forward specific requirements and objectives.

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