Sichuan asked the disciplines of school training agencies to unify "running non-" before December 31

Original title: Sichuan requires disciplines, foreign training agencies, before December 31, the "operation is not" on November 17, the province’s "double minus" work conference was held. Since the implementation of the Provincial Department of Education Take the main line of "governance, reduce weight, anti-risk", on the one hand, to regulate the training behavior of the school institutions, on the one hand, promote the improvement of the education and improvement in the school, and firmly advance the "double mining" work.

  The disciplines of foreign training institutions were pressed by 1802, and 2,648 operations were suspended. According to the central and provincial party committees, the provincial government requirements, Sichuan "double-standard double reduction" work specialization, education, network letter, civil affairs, market supervision, People and other departments in the Provincial Department of Education have concentrated on office, integrated policy and synergy.

  Our province strictly governance and vigorously regulates out-of-school training. Stop approval of the discipline class training institutions, the subjects of foreign training institutions were reduced by 1802, and 2648 operating are suspended. During the epidemic, the education, civil affairs, public security, and market supervision will jointly introduce the "Notice on Doing a Good Job of New Corpneum Pneumonia Fats in Foreign Training Institutions". Most of the school training institutions suspended training business. Solidly carry out the work of "running non-operating" and resolutely compromise the training institutions. Next, the province will also resolutely reduce the number of institutions and strictly prevent the risk. The Provincial Department of Education requires all localities to jointly issued in accordance with education, civil affairs, market supervision, and communication management four departments, "Notice on Doing a Good Job Society" and Category Training Institutions for Compulsory Education Stage as Non-profit Institutions " Requirements, do a good job of "running non-operating", ensuring full completion of the task before December 31, 2021.

All profit organizations must stop the academic training of students in the compulsory education stage before the completion of "running non-" completion. All localities must take "operating non-" work to start, clean up the training industry, significantly reduce the number of institutions, and strictly regulate training markets, strict advertising supervision.

At the same time, for the new trends in the training institution and the capital market, the risk prevention and resolution plan is set, ensuring that the "double mining" work target task is completed safely. Practice "5 + 2" mode, continuously enrich the post-class service supply, the Provincial Department of Education instructs the school to improve the operation management mechanism, establish a job arrangement and publicity system, the total number of job review supervision and quality regular evaluation system, strictly control the total amount, improve the total Quality, reduce student work burden. Our province has implemented the "5 + 2" model, continuously enriched the post-class service supply, all the compulsory education schools 5 days a week, the post-class delay service is provided for at least 2 hours a day, achieving compulsory education schools and needs students " Full coverage. In addition, the Provincial Department of Education has fully carried out the "100 principal" activities "Thousands of Teachers’ Excellent Courses" activities, and give functions in the extent of excellent teachers in the province, using modern information technology to share quality after-school service education resources. Next, the Provincial Department of Education will also play the main position of the school and promote the comprehensive development of students. All localities must guide schools in improving education teaching quality, mitigate students’ learning burden, do a good job in operation management, examination management, evaluation management, and build "class + class" complementary education, let students return to campus To reduce parents’ anxiety.

Strengthen publicity and guidance, do a good job in communication, and create a good environment for the healthy growth and comprehensive development of the society. (Sichuan News Network reporter Chen) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.