Use a daily shop to afforestation

At first saw Nima, a casual dress, dark skin, and it is said to be a deputy director, but it is better to say more like a general farmer.

In 1992, Nima Renzi Po Mi County Forestry Bureau transferred to Linzhi District Forestry Management Station, which became a technician of nursery base.

From the staff of the staff to the grassroots technician, although there is a drop, the unyielding character in the bones makes him dive.

"Gold will always shine.

He encouraged himself. So, he began to learn with your heart, soon, Nima was found to cultivate the local tree silver white poplar. It is not easy to root, and Beijing Yang is more easy to get root. Can you grant Silver Baiyang in Beijing Yang? It can be quickly rooted, and new varieties suitable for local climate can be cultivated. Nima is found to find old technicians Yang Temple, and said his idea.

"This idea is very good, you can try it." Yang is very fast. Next, the technicians in Nima Renhe and the station have started the seedlings in nearly three years.

In the end, the trial was successful, Nima’s benevolence laughed, and the white teeth formed a distinct contrast with dark skin. During the work of the Forestry Management Station, Nima’s secondary is constantly presenting and adulsive, in the nursery base, often visible to his busy figure. In just four years, the seedlings of the forestry management station were developed from the initial Beijing Yang, Liu Tao, developed to Quality Yang, Tibetan Yang, Xinjiang Yang, Yushu and other varieties, and apple, peach and other economic forest seedlings, more Flower countless.

The work experience of the forestry management station has laid the foundation for the successful planting of Nima Ren. In 1996, Nima Tien was transferred to the forestry department of the Shannan Region, started from more than 20 years with trees as with trees, and the wind of the sand and green, green, green, green, green, green. Take a small well, repair the drain, the built-in column, choose saplings, dig pit, trees, water … Every work related to the afforestation, Nima is not big, and the whole process is involved.

Top of the sun, wear the sand, put a tree seedlings, in the place where there is no water, Nima Ren is still carrying water with the masses … in his heart, the small tree is a hope, a green dream.

Long-term experience accumulation, constant exploration, Nima Times slowly has its own "species". Once in the countryside, Nima Dynasty saw that the masses took the pit to 80 cm, prepared a tree, and he immediately stopped. "When the tree is treated, the pit is suitable, generally 60 to 80 cm, can be wide, but the cutting is deep, in order to prevent pests and diseases, it can also use saplings to cross the way, and a line of poppets, Yang Tree …" "This is the sand, the digging is too deep, the tree is buried, and it is not easy to get root, which will rot, death.

"After finishing, he found a wooden stick, folded into a standard length, made a benchmark, let everyone do this standard. These years, in order to let Shannan green, Nima Ringer running grassroots, lower county, where To plant trees, where to care, there is his figure.

Not only in the urban, Guangzhou-planting trees, many forestry, and he will also have the tree to the door of the masses. During the village, I saw that there were many empty idle, and he had a lot of air and idle. He also distributed 3-5 fruit saplings for each household, and also strive for more than 50 acres of afforestation in the village. .

More than 20 years of afforestation road, Nima Ren’s footsteps are all over the sand, hillside, and today, more than 1 million mu of artificial forests are the best gifts for his and forestry to the masses.

Long-term Niima, who is the cutting edge of the tree planting, has won many honors such as Shannan Environmental Protection Advanced Individuals, External Awards, National Green Medal, etc. (Our reporter Babangwanum).